Host your very own jewellery party

Do you want a fun and social time with your friends -sipping wine and nibbling on canapés, al whilst purchasing stylish jewellery?

Liri Jewellery is an innovative Mauritian jewellery brand specialising in high quality silver and gemstone jewellery designs, and is excited to bring you and your friends an evening (or daytime) event of stylish socialising and shopping, all in the comfort of your own home. 

  • Your event will include the chance to purchase our jewellery collections, to enjoy event-only special jewellery offers and plenty of food and drink for your guests – they will have THE best time!
  • As the host, you will receive 15% of all sales made during the event and a gift certificate to spend with Liri on a piece pf jewellery of your choice. You simply need to provide the space and refreshments for your guests, we do the rest.

All our collections and one of a kind designs are available at www.yourliri.com.

Why host a Liri Jewellery party?

  • A Liri jewellery part is an excellent opportunity to treat yourself and your friends to a fun social occasion, all whilst shopping high quality, internationally fashionable jewellery designs in the comfort of your own home. 
  • As host, you will receive 15% of all sales made during the event and a gift certificate to treat yourself to a special offer on a future Liri Jewellery purchase.
  • A Liri jewellery party is convenient – we come to you.
  • You are free to structure the event as you wish – you know your friends best and what they like to do for fun.
  • Simply provide us with a great space for your friends to shop our jewellery and a selection of refreshments of your choice for your guests.  
  • Please book with us at least three weeks in advance of your preferred date.

If you’re interested in inviting Liri into your home, please contact me to arrange via email – info@yourliri.com, or telephone – 07946 666277

So, what are you waiting for, get in touch and let’s start planning!

Look forward to speaking to you,