Heirloom redesign and bespoke jewellery

So, how do you begin the journey of creating your dream piece of jewellery?

step 1

Start the process by completing a private commission enquiry

I love nothing more than turning your vision into a reality but I need some details from you first to get started. Whether you want a custom design created from new materials, a redesign of your precious heirlooms, or bespoke wedding or engagement rings, I’d love to hear from you. Simply click below to get started.

step 2

Let me get in touch with you

Once you’ve completed the form, I’ll get in touch with you according to your preferred mode of communication. We’ll explore a variety of design options by getting a clear understanding of your personal style, preferences, budget, and lifestyle. My desire during this design consultation is to ensure we are creatively aligned and a good fit.

step 3

Now the fun starts - the designing!

Once I have all the necessary information, I’ll sketch a number of designs for you to consider. You’ll be able to tweak until we get it just perfect. If it’s a ‘new’ custom design, I’ll source the gemstones for you to consider. If it’s an heirloom redesign, we’ll discuss what materials to use and if anything new needs to be added to truly elevate the design. I’ll also provide a quote, and if you accept, we can get started.

step 4

You now just need to send me your heirlooms

For all heirloom redesign, this is when you send me your treasures. You can either bring them to me in person, or you can send by Royal Mail, special delivery – it’s perfectly safe. Once received, I’ll send you an electronic invoice for a 50% deposit and once paid, production and final delivery takes approximately 8 weeks.

step 5

The final piece

I’ll keep you regularly updated throughout the process but there’s nothing more exciting than seeing the final piece. I will then invoice you for the remaining amount and you can either collect in person or I will ship it to you following payment. If this sounds great to you, I’d love to hear from you. Simply click below and let’s start making some magic

Do you need some inspiration?

Here are some examples of my custom designs…

1 a yourliri jewellery diamond and white gold rings remodel1 b
Liri jewellery remodel 3Liri jewellery remodel 3 a
5 a gold and diamond bangles5 c yourliri jewellery gold and diamond T bangle 2
4 a yourliri gold jewellery remodelling 14 c yourliri jewellery gold and diamond bangles 2

If you love what you see, please get in touch by clicking below

Frequently asked questions

It will depend completely on the piece you want made – the complexity of the design and the materials you want to use. Please be aware that bespoke pieces cost more than a piece that may seem similar from a ready to wear or mass produced collection, due to the highly individualised nature of the product and service I deliver. It is important to indicate your budget (and the most you are willing to spend) on the commission enquiry form.
It will depend on the complexity of the design and whether any new materials need to be added. Prices typically start from £495 per piece, but the more you order at one time, the subsequent pieces can be less. It is important to indicate your budget (and the most you are willing to spend) on the commission enquiry form.
To begin all bespoke and heirloom redesign, I require a deposit of 50% to begin the work. Typically the remainder is due in one payment when the piece is completed, but we can discuss smaller increments over a longer period of time, if possible. Please note that you will only receive the piece once all payments have been settled.
This is not a problem at all. Most of my clients come from all over the UK and we conduct every stage of the process electronically via Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, email and video call – you can choose. All payments are made by Stripe or Paypal, making the process convenient from start to finish.
I typically say 8 weeks from the payment of the deposit. If there is any delay, I will inform you as soon as possible and keep you updated on progress.
Once you have confirmed the design it can be difficult to change it once production has begun. However, get in touch and I can let you know what’s possible. Please note that additional costs may apply if it’s possible to change the design at this stage.
The final piece will be made according to the design approved by you. However, if you are not totally in love with it, it can be changed, but additional costs will apply.
Due to the bespoke nature of the designs, and the fact your own materials are used in an heirloom redesign, I do not offer returns or refunds. However, if you are not happy with the final piece, please get in touch so we can find a solution.