Jewellery redesign

Cherish the memories with your redesigned jewellery.

Your jewellery means a lot to you, but maybe it’s damaged or not your style and is gathering dust in a drawer, don’t worry –you can redesign it and treasure it always.

2 a yourliri gold and diamond rings remodel2 b yourliri jewellery gold and diamond ring remodel

Do you have jewellery that you’re not wearing anymore? Or maybe you have a ring that your grandmother gave you? Or maybe a special wedding anniversary is coming up? You want to keep the jewellery but in a different, more modern style? That’s when a jewellery redesign (also known as jewellery remodelling) is useful.

Jewellery redesign is a process of jewellery revamping, jewellery upcycling or jewellery repurposing, where we use the same material (metal and stones) and design a new piece of jewellery for you. That way you can keep the memories of your loved ones and special occasions alive.

Don’t let anyone destroy your jewellery in a redesign process.

Your jewellery is much more than just a piece of metal – it contains all your sentiment, love and memories.

Trust Liri’s experienced jeweller, Natalie Williams, with over 10 years of experience in jewellery design, to create you something stylish and special, you’ll never want to take off.


More redesigns we've done

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1 a yourliri jewellery diamond and white gold rings remodel1 b
Liri jewellery remodel 3Liri jewellery remodel 3 a
5 a gold and diamond bangles5 c yourliri jewellery gold and diamond T bangle 2
4 a yourliri gold jewellery remodelling 14 c yourliri jewellery gold and diamond bangles 2
3 a yourliri jewellery gold ring remodelling3 b yourliri jewellery gold and gemstone ring stack
2 a yourliri pendant redesign2 c yourliri jewellery gold and ruby donut pendant necklace

Why redesign your jewellery?

Keep the memories of your loved ones alive

Make your old jewellery come alive again

You get exactly the design that you want

Why redesign your jewellery with Liri?

Meticulous process

Designs you will love

100% satisfaction rate

Frequently asked questions

Every piece of Liri jewellery is designed by Natalie Williams and handmade by her and her team. A jewellery designer for many years, Natalie is passionate about ensuring you wear jewellery that helps you make a bold style statement everyday. Her designs are inspired by the simplicity and minimalism of modern design, which give her designs her signature sleek feel. She regularly introduces fresh, new jewellery collections but if you require a bespoke design, or an heirloom redesign, she will like nothing more than to collaborate with you to make a piece just for you.
It is perfectly safe to post your heirloom jewellery to Liri for redesign. Simply post it ‘special delivery’ (insured up to £2500 for £11). Or, if you’d like a trip to Bryn, Port Talbot, you’re most welcome to bring it in person.
Unlike many other jewellers we NEVER mix your gold, silver and gems with those of other customers. Other jewellers may do this to save on labour costs but we know that one of the reasons you want your pieces redesigned is because of the sentimental value they hold for you. Upon receipt of your pieces, they are placed in an individual bag with your name on it and kept separately from the pieces of other customers. We work only with your pieces when creating your new design. We are passionate about the ethics of redesign so will never mix your pieces with those of others.
Once we receive your pieces we will invoice you for a deposit of between 30-50% (you actually get to choose the amount you want to pay). This is done by sending you an electronic link via email, which you just click and pay by whatever card you choose – you can even use your credit card. We then invoice you for the remainder (approx. 8 weeks later when it’s finished), so the cost is spread for you.
Yes we can do that, but please note that when your new piece re-hallmarked, it will be marked at the lower carat weight. Bear this in mind if you wish to sell your redesign in the future.
Don’t worry, we don’t begin any work on your jewellery until you’re completely happy with the design we create for you. If, upon receipt of the piece, you are not happy, we will work with you to find the best solution. Please note there may be an additional charge for altering the completed piece, dependent upon the amount of additional work involved.