Jewellery Redesign

Diamond and silver donut pendant

Our client wanted to revamp her rings into something sleek and modern that really made a statement. We reset her diamonds into this sumptuous donut pendant and now she just can't take it off. If you'd like a similar design, we'd love to hear from you.

Gold and gemstone wave ring

Our client loved her gemstone rings but felt they were too old-fashioned. She wanted something modern and unique so we created this statement gold wave ring with her dainty gemstones dotted around it. It's the perfect statement dress ring to enjoy life. If you'd like a similar redesign, we'd love to hear from you.

Gold, diamond and emerald ring stack

Our client had a mixture of emerald and gold jewellery she’d collected over the years and was desperate to give them a more contemporary look . A diamond was added and the result was this versatile ring stack she could mix and match and wear to suit her style and mood.   If you’d like…

Gold and diamond band ring

Our client loved her gold and diamond rings, just not in their original style. She wanted something a bit more modern and sleek. The result - a contemporary band ring with her diamonds set beautifully. If you'd like your jewellery redesigned into a similar design, please get in touch.

Diamond and gold statement bubble ring

A truly glam statement ring! Redesigned and made from the client's unworn but stunning rings, she wanted to combine them into something that made her feel full of life. Wearing this, she needs nothing else. If you'd like a similar redesign, please het in touch.

Contemporary silver, emerald and white sapphire ring

How many of us have celtic inspired silver jewellery from the 90s that we don't wear any more? My client had plenty of it but wanted to remake it into a ring for her sister's 60th birthday. We simply added her birthstone (emerald) and two twinkling white sapphires to represent her children, to create a stylish, contemporary ring she can enjoy wearing. If you'd love a similar redesign, please get in touch at  

Elven inspired silver and Amethyst cuff bangle

When a customer brings you broken and unworn silver jewellery and you can turn it into a sleek and stylish cuff bangle she can enjoy wearing, nothing is impossible when it comes to redesigning your jewellery. If you'd love a similar redesign, please get in touch.

Bubble statement ring

What a glamorous statement! Remade from a client's unworn gold and diamond rings, she can now wear them both on one hand in one show stopping design. If you'd like a similar redesign, please get in touch.

Gold and diamond bangles

This stylish bangle stack was transformed from unworn gold and diamond jewellery that mean a lot to our client, but just wasn't her style. The result is 3 bangles she can now wear to feel fresh and modern.   If you'd like similar pieces, please got in touch.