Jewellery redesign

also known as Jewellery Upcycling or Jewellery Remodelling. Cherish the memories with your redesigned jewellery.

Your jewellery means a lot to you, but maybe it’s damaged or not your style and is gathering dust in a drawer, don’t worry – you can redesign it and treasure it always.

Do you have jewellery that you’re not wearing anymore? Or maybe you have a ring that your grandmother gave you? Or maybe a special wedding anniversary is coming up? You want to keep the jewellery but in a different, more modern style? That’s when a jewellery redesign (also known as jewellery remodelling) is useful.

Jewellery redesign is a process of jewellery revamping, jewellery upcycling or jewellery repurposing, where we use the same material (metal and stones) and design a new piece of jewellery for you. That way you can keep the memories of your loved ones and special occasions alive.


Don’t let anyone destroy your jewellery in a redesign process.

Your jewellery is much more than just a piece of metal – it contains all your sentiment, love and memories.

Trust Liri’s experienced jeweller, Natalie Williams, with over 10 years of experience in jewellery design, to create you something stylish and special, you’ll never want to take off.

If you’d love to see more of Liri’s redesign work, click here.


Why redesign your jewellery?

Keep the memories of your loved ones alive

Make your old jewellery come alive again

You get exactly the design that you want

Why redesign your jewellery with Liri?

Meticulous process

Designs you will love

100% satisfaction rate

Check our latest sleek, contemporary designs