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If your jewellery means a lot to you, but maybe it’s damaged or not your style – you can redesign it and treasure it always.
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We are Liri. Jewellery specialists.

I’m Natalie, the founder, designer and creator at Liri Jewellery. As a jewellery designer, I have one purpose – to bring you sleek designs that will guarantee you feel confident, sexy and feminine.

I know first hand the power jewellery can have over how we look and feel. It can totally transform our self image, making us feel confident, sexy and truly beautiful. Feeling my best when wearing exquisite jewellery is why I’m passionate about designing you jewellery full of sensuous feminine curves that will bring out your inner goddess. Being enveloped in Liri’s luxuriously elegant gold, silver and gemstone jewellery, makes you feel like you never have before.

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'Dots', the new collection of elegant silver and gemstone bangles.
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