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Terms and Conditions for bespoke designs

Thank you for choosing Liri Jewellery to redesign your jewellery.


Redesigning your jewellery is an exciting process but it’s important both parties understand how the process will unfold. We have therefore created this brief document on our terms and conditions. Please read carefully and raise any questions you may have. 

  1. You will send your jewellery in a self-addressed padded envelope sent to you by Liri Jewellery. The envelope will contain a ring sizer (where necessary) and a document for you to list the pieces you will send. Please include these when sending your jewellery. Please use any appropriate additional protection you feel is necessary for your jewellery before placing in the envelope. Alternatively, you may visit Natalie in person to present your jewellery and discuss sizes. 
  2. If you choose to post your jewellery, you will send your jewellery to Liri Jewellery via Royal Mail Special delivery. Please ensure you insure your jewellery for the appropriate amount when asked for its value at the Post Office. 
  3. When Liri Jewellery receives your jewellery, Natalie will check the pieces received against the itemised list you have included. She will also send you an image of the pieces via whatever means of communication you have been using to show you what has been received. Please let Natalie know if there is any discrepancy between what you have sent and what you see in the image. No comment will mean that you are content with what has been shown to you in the image. 
  4. Liri Jewellery will redesign the jewellery you supply in accordance with the design(s) you have agreed. These designs will have been sent to you electronically in sketch form and photo form (where possible). They will include information on the approximate dimensions of the new piece, the settings used for stones and any other information deemed necessary for you to understand how your jewellery will be recreated. Please ask for further clarity if anything remains unclear to you regarding the design. 
  5. It will take approx 6-8 weeks for your redesigned piece to be finished. Natalie will update you on progress towards the end of this time frame. 
  6. Very rarely, there may be a delay in finishing your piece due to illness, stock issues, holidays or other unforeseen circumstances. Natalie will inform you as soon as possible if your piece will be delayed and will let you know when you can expect it to be finished.
  7. Upon completion of the piece(s) Natalie will send you a video or image. Please note that this is not an invitation to ask for the piece to be altered.
  8. Following its completion your piece will be sent to the Birmingham Assay Office for hallmarking. Once received back, you will receive an electronic invoice for the outstanding balance. Once paid, your new piece will be returned to you via Royal Mail Special delivery or you can arrange for pick up in person. 
  9. Liri Jewellery wants you to adore the new piece(s) created for you. However, if, upon receiving the piece you wish to make an alteration to the design, there will be an additional charge to pay, depending on the level of change necessary. You will also be responsible for the postage costs of sending and receiving the altered piece and for the cost of re-hallmarking it. 
  10. If there is a fault with your bespoke piece upon receipt, Liri will repair the product free of charge. No refunds will be issued. Liri jewellery will not pay for the item to be taken elsewhere for repair.
  11. Any redesigned rings will be sized in accordance with the size you stipulated on the ring sizer sent to you and returned to Liri Jewellery. Any resizing necessary upon your receipt of the ring(s) may incur an additional charge, depending on the level of change needed. Please note you will be responsible for paying the postage costs to return and receive the piece back from Liri Jewellery. 
  12. Upon completion of your redesigned piece any gemstones and metal from your original pieces not used in the new design, will be returned to you.
  13. If you agree to these terms, the next step is to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the final price. The invoice for the deposit will be sent to you electronically via email. You are free to choose the level you wish to pay. The final instalment will be payable upon completion of the piece(s) and before its/their shipping to you. 
  14. Payment of the deposit will indicate your acceptance and understanding of these terms.