At Liri we believe in being totally open and transparent about our jewellery and service to you, which is why we are always happy to answer any of your questions. We hope we cover everything here but if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch ☺

Who designs Liri’s jewellery?

Every piece of Liri jewellery is designed by Natalie Williams and handmade by her and her team. A jewellery designer for many years, Natalie is passionate about ensuring you wear jewellery that helps you make a bold style statement everyday. Her designs are inspired by the simplicity and minimalism of modern design, which give her designs her signature sleek feel. She regularly introduces fresh, new jewellery collections but if you require a bespoke design, or an heirloom redesign, she will like nothing more than to collaborate with you to make a piece just for you.

Where are you based?

Liri is based in Bryn, in the countryside outside Port Talbot in South Wales. Our clients come from all over the UK. You are welcome to visit or to communicate via email, phone, or social media. 

Why do you make jewellery?

Natalie knows first hand the power jewellery can have over how we look and feel. It can totally transform our self image, making us feel confident, sexy and truly beautiful. Feeling her best when wearing exquisite jewellery is why Natalie is passionate about designing you sleek jewellery, full of sensuous feminine curves that will bring out your inner goddess.

How is the jewellery made?

The jewellery is made by hand by Natalie and her team. All rings, bangles, earrings and pendants are handmade so no two are the same. All metal work is silver and gold-smithed by her and all gemstones are hand set. The only components that are not handmade are the clasps and chains, which are made by machine and bought from trusted suppliers in the UK.

What materials do you use in your jewellery?

At Liri, we are passionate about only using the highest quality materials. All our jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver and recycled 9ct gold. You may commission a design in other precious metals, if you wish.  None of our designs are made from any plated base metals, where the colour can wear off over time or cause an allergic reaction. We use only genuine gemstones in our jewellery, so you will not find any glass or plastic – when we say it is a gemstone, it really is a gemstone, and not something made to look like a gemstone.

Where do you buy your materials?

We buy our materials from a range of long trusted partners. All our gemstones, gold and silver are bought from trusted suppliers in the UK.

What if I buy a ring in the wrong size?

Each product description comes with a simple guide on how to work out your ring size. But if you accidentally order the wrong size from a collection, don’t worry, simply send it back. We will work with you to work out your correct size and a new one will be sent to you. Please note: If a commissioned ring turns out to be the wrong size (following our consultation), there may be a charge applied to having it resized. If you have any doubts before purchasing, please get in touch at natalie@yourliri.com and we’ll work out your size for you. 

What If I want to return a piece I’ve bought?

If you’re not entirely satisfied with a piece you’ve purchased from one of our collections, please return to us within 14 days of purchase, unworn and in its original packaging. We will refund the cost of the item minus postage using the method you used to purchase it. Please note that due to hygiene reasons we cannot accept the return of earrings. 

Is it safe to post my heirloom jewellery to you to get it redesigned?

It is perfectly safe to post your heirloom jewellery to Liri for redesign. Simply post it ‘special delivery’ (insured up to £2500 for £11). Or, if you’d like a trip to Bryn, Port Talbot, you’re most welcome to bring it in person.

How do I know you only use my materials in my redesign?

Unlike many other jewellers we NEVER mix your gold, silver and gems with those of other customers. Other jewellers may do this to save on labour costs but we know that one of the reasons you want your pieces redesigned is because of the sentimental value they hold for you. Upon receipt of your pieces, they are placed in an individual bag with your name on it and kept separately from the pieces of other customers. We work only with your pieces when creating your new design. We are passionate about the ethics of redesign so will never mix your pieces with those of others. 

If you don’t use all my gold and gems when remodelling my jewellery, do I get what’s left, back?

Most certainly!

How do I pay for my redesign?

Once we receive your pieces we will invoice you for a deposit of between 30-50% (you actually get to choose the amount you want to pay). This is done by sending you an electronic link via email, which you just click and pay by whatever card you choose – you can even use your credit card. We then invoice you for the remainder (approx. 8 weeks later when it’s finished), so the cost is spread for you.

I have jewellery in different carat weights of gold. Can you mix them in one redesign?

Yes we can do that, but please note that when your new piece re-hallmarked, it will be marked at the lower carat weight. Bear this in mind if you wish to sell your redesign in the future. 

What if I don’t like the new design you create for me?

Don’t worry, we don’t begin any work on your jewellery until you’re completely happy with the design we create for you. If, upon receipt of the piece, you are not happy, we will work with you to find the best solution. Please note there may be an additional charge for altering the completed piece, dependent upon the amount of additional work involved. 

Can I commission a jewellery design from brand new materials?

As well as our online catalogue of collections, Liri loves nothing more than working with you to design an individual piece for you. If you have an idea in mind, here’s how it works:

1. Please contact Natalie via email (natalie@yourliri.com), or WhatsApp (07946 666277) to indicate your interest in a bespoke commission.

2. Please provide a rough idea of what you want to be designed and your budget. If you have images similar to what you want, please send. Please note: we will not copy any other artist’s designs, they will simply be used to give an idea of the style you like. 

3. Please provide Natalie with all necessary measurements such as ring, bracelet or necklace size.

4. Natalie will work on designs and send you images of those created, supplying all necessary details such as gem size, bracelet length etc. The price of each design will also be included.

5. Once you have agreed to the design and price, Natalie will give you an indication of how long it will take to complete the piece. Please allow up to 8 weeks (unless otherwise discussed).

6. Upon agreement of the design, you will be required to pay a deposit of 50% of the total cost. The remainder of the payment will be paid upon completion of the work and prior to shipping.

7. The item will be posted to you using Royal Mail Special delivery, or you’re very welcome to collect in person.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the design has been approved and the item made, any subsequent alterations you request may incur an additional charge, based on time spent and any additional materials used.

Copyright: As the designer of your piece, copyright for that design rests with Liri. We may reproduce that design in the future. If you wish to purchase the copyright to the design so that it remains exclusive to you, you will be required to pay an additional sum. Please note that requesting a commission based on a popular design (maybe one you’ve seen online) cannot be seen as bespoke or unique, and neither party can claim ownership of it. Liri reserves the right to reproduce such designs in the future. Liri reserves the right to use images of any bespoke designs for promotional purposes.

If you’d love to work with Liri on your special piece, please get in touch.

At Liri, we believe in developing a trusting relationship with our customers. Please read our blog on features to consider when trusting a jewellery brand. If you’d love to read what our customers say about us, please check out our reviews here.

We hope this has given you a clear insight into our jewellery, if you’d like to know more, please get in touch via email at info@yourliri.com, Instagram,Facebook, or through our online form.