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natalie williams - LIRI'S CEO and designer

Why I love making jewellery for you

Hey there, I’m Natalie, the founder and designer at Liri Jewellery. As a jewellery designer I have one thing in mind – to bring you contemporary jewellery designs that will guarantee you feel elegant, confident and stylish.

I know how jewellery can totally transform how we feel, which is why I make sure each of my designs is full of elegant sensuous curves that will bring out your inner goddess. Being enveloped in Liri’s luxuriously elegant gold, silver and gemstone jewellery will guarantee you’ll feel like you never have before.

Your freedom

It’s all about the freedom​

‘Liri’ is the Albanian word for freedom, and it was my personal journey to freedom that inspired me to begin my jewellery company in Mauritius in 2017. During my 5 year adventure on this beautiful island I truly learned my likes, fears, dreams and hopes, discovering I was, in fact, a strong, independent and fierce woman. And this is why it’s so important to me that I design you jewellery that also makes you feel you can take on the world.

Having spent five years on the beautiful island of Mauritius, I returned to Bryn, Port Talbot in South Wales in 2020. Being surrounded by the gentle curves of the rolling hills of this lovely village is a huge source of inspiration for creating the sleek and elegant designs I love to make you.

Your jewellery, our passion

How we craft your jewellery

At Liri, we use an array of methods to make sure you get exactly the piece of jewellery you want. From traditional techniques of hand crafting and wax carving to the more modern of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and laser engraving, we will always choose the technique that will make your new design shine.
You, above all

Your happiness is my responsibility

I take personal responsibility for your satisfaction with your Liri jewellery and I love nothing more than receiving pictures of you wearing your pieces, telling me how happy you are with your jewellery. As a small company, we don’t have a large sales team, rather you’ll communicate directly with me on all aspects of your jewellery commission from initial consultation to the completion of the final piece.

How we make your jewellery

My promise to you

Design that you love

Liri is at the forefront of contemporary jewellery design and prides itself in bringing you pieces that are sleek and sumptuous so you can make the perfect statement.


You will benefit from Natalie's 10 years of jewellery design and manufacture.

Customer focus

Jewellery is a highly emotive purchase and Liri gives you highly individualised and personal customer care when working with you to bring your design to life.

Best practice

Liri prides itself in its complete transparency with you. Please feel free to ask any questions about the design and manufacturing process as we will be more than happy to let you know how it all works behind the scenes.

My promise to you

I know jewellery is an emotional and individual purchase, which is why I always listen to you – making sure you get exactly what you’re looking for in a piece of jewellery is at the core of my customer care. As a woman who enjoys feeling stylish and elegant, I make sure you always have fresh and innovative collections to choose from. I regularly bring you new pieces and love to work with you to create that ultimate contemporary bespoke jewellery design. Please feel free to contact me via telephone, message, social media, email…whatever’s most convenient to you.

Let’s get to know each other

When choosing your jewellery designer, it’s important you feel you can trust them, which is why I want us to get to know each other better. I love to show you what inspires me, what I do in my spare time, how I make your jewellery, and so much more, which is why I enjoy sharing with you all the latest Liri news and behind the scenes sneak peeks. So why not join me on Facebook or Instagram so we can get to know each other better. Or, better still, why not join my VIPs here where you’ll get all the latest Liri news and special offers before anybody else.

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