2024 Jewellery Forecast: What will be shining this year

2024 has finally arrived and we couldn’t let you start this year without letting you know the jewellery trends we’ll be enjoying this year.

For 2024, the jewellery industry is geared up for exciting trends that blend innovation with reverence to tradition. This year promises a variety of styles, catering to the evolving tastes and values of jewellery enthusiasts.

To quote Vogue – “Meaningful and modern jewellery has increasingly taken centre stage after quiet luxury washed away experimental silhouettes, bold colours and maximalist designs.” – this tells us that letting our creativity run wild will be crucial to staying ahead of the curve this year, whilst still wearing jewellery that has a special meaning for us.

Let’s look a little further into the trends of 2024.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Designs:

Sustainability is set to be a major trend in 2024 in all kinds of industries, and fashion will lead the way.

Ethical sourcing and eco-friendly materials are becoming increasingly important to consumers. We’ll see a rise in recycled metals, reflecting a collective move towards environmentally conscious fashion choices.

Laura Elizabeth is a jewellery brand deeply inspired by nature. The brand is committed to eco-friendly practices, sourcing metals from recycling plants in Los Angeles and avoiding harmful chemicals and acids in production.

Picture: Coral earrings from Laura Elizabeth Jewelry (US Sustainable Brand).

Personalised Pieces:

2024 is also about making personal statements – Customisation is key, with bespoke designs gaining popularity. 

Jewellery lovers are seeking pieces that tell their story, be it through unique engravings or tailor-made designs that reflect individual style and personality.

Redesigning your old pieces and family heirlooms will also be an excellent way to reflect this year’s trends.

Picture: Redesign for Lorna C. – LiriBespokeJewellery.com

Revival of Vintage Styles:

Vintage and retro styles are making a strong comeback. From art deco designs to heirloom-inspired pieces, there’s a growing appreciation for the elegance and charm of yesteryear, merged with contemporary aesthetics. – Especially thinking of the 70s style.

Picture: Luz Earrings by MaisXFrida.com

Pearls are still with us:

The use of pearls in jewellery continues to grow in 2024. These expensive yet irresistible pieces symbolise classic elegance and always add a touch of luxury to any look. They are also durable and timeless, making them a cherished choice for many.

23_1285 (1)(รีทัชแล้ว).JPEG
Picture: Floret Pearl Choker by Pacharee.com

The 2024 jewellery trends are a dynamic mix of the old and new, reflecting a broader narrative of sustainable practices, personal expression, and meaningful designs. As we embrace these trends, our jewellery will continue to be a reflection of who we are and what we value.

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