Bringing Liri jewellery to life…Stephane Mussard

Continuing our series of introducing you to those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to display Liri jewellery at its best, this week’s blog post focusses on the talented photographer and videographer, Stephane Mussard. This gifted Mauritian is responsible for a breath taking series of videos where you can not only see the stunning Mauritian inspiration behind Liri’s creations but also see our beautiful jewellery in motion. We’ve released one video so far, but please keep an eye out for many more over the coming year. So, just who is Stephane Mussard and why do we love his work so much?

As with much of the talent behind Liri, Stéphane was born on the stunning island of Mauritius. Despite his scientific brain (his words, not ours), Stephane feels like a complete artist at heart and first studied History of Art to enrich his understanding of all things artistic. He then continued his studies in Paris in the fields of photo and video technology, as this was where his interests were developing. Following his studies, he worked for numerous TV production companies in Paris, as an editor, cameraman and production assistant. After a few years of honing his craft, Stephane was eager to branch out on his own and started his own video production company with friends from University. Although his business was a success, Stephane missed his homeland, therefore he decided to return to Mauritius after 12 years in France. Having been back In Mauritius for 4 years, he now works as a successful, independent photographer and videographer. For him, Mauritius is the perfect place for him to work, particularly due to the many couples that come to the island for their wedding or honeymoon and who want to capture their special moments on film. For Stephane, there is no better time to be working in this field on the island.

Not only does being back home make his job completely enjoyable, Stephane’s passion for his craft means he often doesn’t feel like he is working. His job is his passion and he enjoys every moment. He particularly enjoys how each project enables him to work with new and diverse groups of people – for him, work is never boring.

Not only do clients choose Stephane, but Stephane also chooses his clients. As passion and enjoyment for a project are crucial for him to create the best product possible, Stephane is very choosy about what projects he undertakes and each project must meet three criteria. Firstly, if he feels the client wants something that does not excite him, he will recommend another videographer. Secondly, the purpose of the project must mesh with his ethical values. He will not choose projects that would involve hurting animals or the  environment (such as hunting or for a petrol company); he will not work for companies that put money before people. Thirdly, although the client’s budget is important and whether or not their desired product can be created within their financial framework, Stephane has, and will work on projects involving NGOs if the cause is close to his heart. Where ethics are involved, budgetary considerations can be flexible.

Although passionate about his work, Stephane still pursues a wide range of extra-curricular activities in his spare time. He loves to travel, and chooses his destinations for the hiking possibilities they can offer. He is a keen cyclist, loves diving and SUP. Even when he is doing other things, Stephane’s passion for photography is so strong that he cannot help but take pictures of his travels.

Looking towards the future, Stephane hopes to keep doing what he loves, to have children, and maybe to move abroad, considering Asia as a strong possibility.

We can say that working with Stephane on our recent shoot was a fantastic experience. His passion for his craft was evident and his keen eye for detail has become clear in the videos he created. But what did Stephane think about working with Liri….? In his words (not ours…honestly) “I liked the uniqueness of each piece of jewellery. The designs are simple, yet very precious – I’m considering buying some for my wife and my mum!”.

And about Natalie – “I can’t say too much about working with Natalie…she’s a nice and warm and smiling lady…but no more because she will blush ha ha!”

(Yes, I am now blushing).

If you want to see more of Stephane’s fantastic work, check him out on Facebook @stephanemussardphoto

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