Recycling your jewellery – the utmost in ethical style

It’s been a while since I last blogged but I hope you’ve been enjoying keeping up with all things Liri on Facebook and Instagram. You’ll have noticed I’ve changed direction a bit – not only have I launched my first all gold collection, but I now also redesign jewellery you’ve inherited, so you can wear…

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Ailgylchu’ch gemwaith – yr eitha’ mewn steil foesegol

Mae ‘di bod yn sbel ers i mi flogio ddiwethaf ond gobeithio’ch bod chi ‘di bod yn mwynhau cadw i fyny â phopeth Liri ar Facebook ac Instagram. Wi’n siwr eich bod chi ‘di sylwi fy mod i ‘di newid cyfeiriad ychydig – nid yn unig ydw i ‘di lansio fy nghasgliad aur cyntaf, ond…

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New year, new you…with a difference

So, 2021 has finally arrived. Not sure about you, but it seems we’ve been waiting for 2020 to end for ages, doesn’t it? Well it’s finally gone and, though it may seem difficult right now, it’s time to look forward, and do it positively. I firmly believe that despite whatever’s happening around us, we have…

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