Choosing your sunny weather jewellery

So, it’s cooled down nicely in Mauritius and we are officially in our ‘winter’. But Mauritian winters are more like a lovely British Summer, the sun still shines, it’s a lovely 25 degrees rather than a sweltering 34, we still go to the beach and you only need a pashmina in the cooler evenings. It’s the time of year when the weather of the Northern hemisphere matches that of the South, which is why it’s the perfect time to talk about our jewellery wardrobes and what we can all enjoy wearing in the sun. In this week’s blog, I’m going to suggest some jewellery styles for outdoor living and some of our favourite sunny weather past times, be it a British summer or a Mauritian ‘winter’.


At the beach

The first thing that springs to mind when the sun is shining is ‘let’s go to the beach’. Who doesn’t love sitting in the sun and splashing in the sea, but also looking your best whilst you do?  You choose the ideal bikini and you may also want to add a piece of jewellery to your look. But before I suggest a style of jewellery to wear on the beach, a word of caution. Ideally you would not wear jewellery of any materials to the beach, as salt water and all that greasy sun lotion is not good for it. Salt water is a corrosive that will damage metals and stones over a period of time, and sun lotion just gets everywhere, clogging things up and dulling your jewellery. But, if you insist on wearing jewellery to the beach, I suggest thoroughly washing and drying your jewellery in plain tap water when you get home to minimise the impact of both of these on your beautiful pieces. So now we’ve got that handy hint out of the way, if you just cannot live without jewellery on the beach, what would I suggest? For me, dainty jewellery is the better option. You don’t want a chunky piece around your wrist or neck in the heat or weighing you down when you go for a swim. Choose something light, that you hardly notice you’re wearing. Try also to choose something with minimal gemstones, again, to reduce the impact of salt water and lotions on the piece of jewellery.


An evening BBQ or sundowners

The great thing about sunny weather is that we want to do all we can outside, and top of the list is eating and drinking. Be it a BBQ or watching the sun go down with a nice chilled glass of wine, both become staples of our lives when the weather is warmer. Both also tend to be social occasions, so what to wear with family and friends in the early evening outdoors?

Generally the style is dressed-up casual – we want to make an effort but we also want to be comfortable. In this scenario, the options are quite wide and varied. Stunning, chunky bracelets stacked on one arm are perfect for a boho-chic look. Daintier pieces, also stacked are also great for making an early evening statement. It’s all about making just that little bit more effort that is makes a stylish statement but is not overdone.

If you’re wondering what style of necklace to wear, you can’t go wrong with a long line statement pendant, particularly if you’re wearing a long linen, or maxi dress. Perfect for adding just ‘enough’ colour and making ‘enough’ effort.

Out and about during the day

Sometimes it’s easy to forget jewellery on a hot sunny day. You just want to be practical and comfortable in the heat, and usually jewellery is the last thing you think about. However it doesn’t have to be like this, we just need to put more thought into how we want to feel and look on a hot, sunny day. If you don’t want bracelets moving up and down your arm in the heat, choose gemstone bracelets made with adjustable cord, which can be drawn tighter around your wrist so they stay put. The beauty of this style is you can wear as many or as few as you want, depending on your style and comfort levels. They look great on their own or in a colourful stack, it really is up to you.

It’s all about dialling it back a bit

On the whole, when the sun is out we need to dial things back just a little so we strike the right balance between stylish and casual. These tips will help you achieve this balance when the weather is sunny and the living is outdoors. It’s all about making a stylish effort that is comfortable and compatible with outdoor living and warm temperatures. What do you like wearing? Please let us know if the comments section below.

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