The Love Stories Behind Our Clients

At Liri, we love nothing more than the stories hidden behind each piece we create and today, we want to show you some of our most romantic creations along with the stories behind their owners!

From Workmates to Husband and Wife!

Victoria and Steve’s love story is the kind of tale that reminds us how love can blossom in the most ordinary places. They met at work, in the same department, and what started as a simple co-worker relationship slowly grew into something much more meaningful over the years.

After a decade together, they decided it was time to tie the knot. They opted for a small ceremony close to home, hoping to spend as much of their special day outdoors as the unpredictable Scottish weather would permit. 

Their wedding was exactly what they had hoped for: an intimate gathering with their nearest and dearest, including close family and great friends, not to forget the wonderful food and drink, and of course, their dogs. It was a chance to catch up with loved ones spread across the UK and Ireland, some of whom they hadn’t seen in a long time.

When it came to choosing the rings, Victoria and Steve wanted something unique and meaningful. 

Victoria and Steve’s wedding rings

“We decided to work with Liri as the textures of the work were just beautiful, and the fact that they would be able to make our wedding bands out of my now husband’s grandfather’s ring, was so special to us” – Victoria commented.

It wasn’t just about honouring a family legacy; it was also about making a choice that was sustainable, reusing the gold in a way that felt right to them.

Their story is a beautiful reminder that sometimes, the best things in life start right where we are, growing slowly but surely into something we can’t imagine being without.

Now, if you’re already floating on a pink and romantic cloud, you will explode with love at Danny and Phoebe’s story.

The journey from a text message to a meaningful proposal in Bali

Danny and Phoebe’s love story starts in a way that many of us can relate to in this day and age  – Danny, from South London and studying in Bath, and Phoebe, from Chichester and studying in Norwich, would probably never have met if not for a coincidental trip to Portsmouth where they matched on a dating app we’re all familiar with. Initially, they just chatted and got along, but life and distance made them lose touch.

Months later, feeling a bit down, Danny remembered how well they had clicked and decided to message Phoebe again. This time, Phoebe was far away, studying on Réunion Island, near Madagascar. But distance didn’t stop them; they kept talking, made plans, and finally met for the first time in Chichester on July 24, 2018. 

“Since I had already got to know her pretty well in the 6 months of chatting, I can confidently say that it was love at first sight.” – Danny confessed to us!

Their adventure together leapt when they travelled to Australia for three months, only to cut it short as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Danny landed a job at a COVID test site, and Phoebe joined him, moving in with him and his mum before they found their place. Despite settling down, Phoebe still had the itch to travel, so she set off alone, with plans for Danny to join her in Bali towards the end of her trip. 

“Less than a week after she had left, I knew we were ready for the next step. I consulted my Dad and he proudly agreed with me. So the plans were set in motion.”

Wanting to include Phoebe’s late grandmothers at the moment, he got her family’s blessing to use their jewellery to craft a unique engagement ring. This is when Danny found our Instagram profile

“Overwhelmed, I reached out to a few different jewellers to ask for their advice. I was lucky enough to have found the Your Liri page on Instagram because Natalie was as helpful, personal and friendly!”

The final idea resulted in a ring with two bands intertwined, symbolising both of Phoebe’s grandmothers, complete with a diamond from one of their engagement rings.

Phoebe’s engagement ring

In Bali, Danny planned to propose during a sunrise hike up a mountain, but the large crowd there made him change his mind. Instead, after a long day, they went for a walk in some rice fields, a significant spot as it was the first place they had visited together in Bali. As a cameraman, Danny set up a scene under the pretence of filming a travel video, asked Phoebe to wait facing away, and then proposed. Overwhelmed with happiness, Phoebe said yes, marking the beginning of their new life together.

As we close the pages on the enchanting tales of Danny and Phoebe, and Victoria and Steve, it’s evident that the journey of love is as diverse as it is beautiful. 

Through the crafting of bespoke wedding bands and engagement rings with Liri, both couples have chosen to weave into their union’s symbols of enduring love, heritage, and sustainability.

These narratives, rich in adventure, companionship, and meaningful connections, are a testament to the idea that behind every love story is a profound journey of discovery, growth, and the merging of past legacies with new beginnings.

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