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Gosh I’m so excited! Have you seen my emails, posts and messages about the fantastic ‘Shop ‘n Sip’ event happening this Thursday at Little Rosies Tea House? It’s going to be such a great night of shopping, eating, drinking and supporting local good causes. If you’ve not already said you’re coming, what are you waiting for? Just click here and let us know, I can’t wait to meet you ☺ Have you also seen our brand new collection of necklaces – ‘Eterno’ – to celebrate our love for others and ourselves? If not, you can check it out here. Which design is your favourite?


So, let’s look at today’s blog topic. It’s another sentimental one and is all about charms. Like the dainty jewellery we looked at in my last blog, charms are a jewellery trend that seems to have been with us forever. My mother had a lovely jingly charm bracelet when I was young, and we can’t seem to escape the charm bracelets of Pandora –  the trend is everywhere. The main reason for their popularity is that charms usually have a sentimental meaning behind them; we buy them to commemorate a special person or an event, to showcase our individuality and personalities. Charms are the ultimate way to carry something or someone special with us and to show the world something about ourselves. In one of my previous blogs I looked at the meaning behind some popular charm designs, but today I want to look at some of the charms I incorporate into my jewellery and the meaning behind them. 



I’ve always been proud to say how big an influence the vibrancy, life and colour of Mauritius is on my jewellery designs, so it’s no surprise that I incorporate shell pendants into my jewellery pieces. Yes, they reflect the beautiful ocean of this stunning paradise island but did you know they have a much deeper meaning? Shells are seen as a symbol of good fortune, and in the Christian faith, the resurrection and baptism. The Cowrie shell (Coquille Bonheur) is often worn to bring good luck, protection, and in Africa, to improve a woman’s fertility. 



I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love hearts in all their forms – in jewellery, art, cards, even when they come in the form of a cake. And I adore them for the simple fact they represent love. But love, in so many ways. It can signify romantic love, a friendship, love between parent and child, or even love for oneself. I see a heart and I see compassion and hope, it just brings a smile to my face, which is why I use them in so many different ways in my designs.





Daisies are beautiful aren’t they? They just bring a smile to my face and create happy feelings. And I incorporate them into my designs for this very reason, but also for its other symbolic meanings. The humble daisy has a significant meaning in many cultures – as a symbol of new beginnings, motherhood and love in Viking mythology, as a symbol of self love and respect in Greek mythology, and in Celtic mythology, it represents the soul of a departed child, so perfect for remembering loved ones. Who would have thought this dainty, unassuming flower could hold so much meaning?




Have you seen our new ‘Eterno’ collection of open circle pendants and necklaces? Check out the designs here to see which one you’d choose to express your love. This collection had been in the pipeline for a few months because I wanted to create a single jewellery collection to celebrate love in all its forms – romantic, self, friendship, between parent and child. I wanted to convey how love, when experienced in its deepest, purest form, is never ending, just like a circle. Like love, a circle is pure, simple and unbreakable.



The angel has symbolic importance in practically every culture and religion. Not only does it signify faith and protection, it is also seen as a symbol of strength and courage. What better way to celebrate the strength and courage you feel than by wearing a beautiful Angel charm?



The crescent moon is seen as one of the strongest symbols of femininity and feminine powers, and is a celebration of female strength, depicted by the goddess Diana in Greek mythology and Mary in Christianity. It’s also seen as a symbol of love between mother and child. It is said the moon gives people their soul. What’s not to love about this beautiful symbol?



We’ve long gazed upon the stars in the night sky, wondering what is out there. We’ve also ‘wished upon a star’ hoping and praying that our dreams will come true. And it’s for this reason that the star is seen as a symbol of hope, aspiration, the pursuit of our dreams, possibilities, inspiration and divine guidance. Wear this charm to commemorate your successes and achievements in life.


Liri… it’s jewellery with meaning


As I’ve mentioned in all my social media posts and my previous blogs, every piece of jewellery I make has a sentiment attached to it. I design it to help make you feel a certain way, to help you reflect your personality and, with the charms I use, to help symbolise something you hold dear. Each charm I use reflects a deep human emotion or need – love, strength, hope, success, new beginnings. Because although we buy jewellery to look good, it’s also a sentimental purchase to hold certain feelings close to us every day. The big question is, what feeling do you want to take with you everywhere in your jewellery?


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