Jewellery trend focus – dainty simplicity – is this your style?

I know I say this every month, but time really is flying isn’t it? I visited a friend the other day and I could have sworn it was only the week before – it was 3 weeks before that!! I blame endless distractions and busyness, if I’m honest. I really need to become more centred.

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OK, so let’s look at why we’re here this week – to look at a key jewellery style that not only I love but one which none of us can seem to get enough of. It’s been popular for many years and shows no sign of going anywhere. Whilst we’ve seen a huge growth in statement, colourful jewellery, we’ve also enjoyed wearing more dainty, simple jewellery designs. Rather than wear jewellery that shouts ‘look at me’, dainty jewellery often makes a statement in a much more subtle way. Not only does it look elegant, refined and ‘oh so sophisticated’, it’s also highly practical and versatile – a style that can be worn anywhere and at any time, making it perfect for every type of lifestyle. So, let’s have a look at the types of dainty jewellery currently in style and how we can wear them to make the style statement we wish. 

Dainty pendant necklaces

Pendants have always been a classic jewellery choice, but it seems the variety of dainty pendants we can now choose from, is endless. No longer is it just lockets, crosses and heart pendants, we now have dainty pendants for everything. You name a pendant you want and I can guarantee there is one for you. Dainty pendants worn on a necklace or even a bracelet are perfect for creating a classic style statement. Wear at work, socialising, or even running errands, they’re perfect for exuding a quietly confident style. These styles are particularly en vogue but which one is your favourite to wear:

Combining the trends for daintiness, simplicity and personalisation, initial pendants are a huge jewellery craze. We wear them to celebrate our identity but also to hold close those who are dear to us. Paired with your favourite gemstone, they look even more stylish.

A simple, dainty pendant of any sort is stunning for making an understated but on-trend statement. Choose from styles of 1cm or less in size and you’re daintiness personified.


It seems that in the last few years everyone has been wearing one of these classics. I can’t tell you how many films I have watched where this style is the jewellery choice of every female character. You really can’t go wrong with an open circle pendant when trying to make an elegant statement. I want to ask you one question – what does the circle pendant mean for you? It may seem to be ‘just a circle’, but a circle is never ‘just a circle’……

Dainty stacker rings


Along with pendants, We’ve also been wearing our rings a lot more daintily and they’ve been designed in such a way that we can wear them on their own or stacked together for a bolder finger style statement. We even wear them at the top, middle and bottom of our fingers – we just love dainty rings, in all their forms. How do you like to wear yours?

To layer or not to layer?

Another jewellery trend that has been helped by the popularity of dainty jewellery, is the fashion for layering our jewellery pieces. Not so easy with chunkier pieces, dainty jewellery makes it simple to wear plenty of jewellery all at once. But, rather than look messay, layering dainty pieces can give a wonderfully ethereal boho chic look. But layering may not be for everyone and probably depends on your mood and situation. How do you prefer to wear your dainty jewellery – on its own, where it can speak for itself, or layered with other pieces so you can make a stylishly boho statement?



Go where your imagination takes you

What I love about dainty jewellery is that, depending on how you wear it, you can create vastly different looks. Wear one or two pieces on their own and they are the perfect accents to a stylish or practical outfit. But layer up a number of pieces and you’ve completely transformed you look into a boho babe, who’s enjoying her time relaxing in the sun or socialising with friends. I think this versatility is probably one of the reasons we’re not seeing the end of this trend anytime soon. 

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