Jewellery trends 2019. How will you express your individuality?

There really has been no better time to be a jewellery lover or designer. Never have jewellery tastes been so diverse, and with jewellery designers having to respond to everything you like, you the consumer, have never been so spoilt for choice! There really is a style of jewellery to suit every taste and our jewellery boutiques and online jewellery stores are bursting with something for everyone. Gone are the days when jewellery fashion had a very specific look and where it was generally used to define your social status (think fine, discreet gold jewellery), we now live in an era where anything goes and where we wear jewellery for a variety of reasons. Conforming to fashion is still a strong reason, but increasingly, we want to wear jewellery to express our individuality, to show our personality and to make a statement about who we are.

Another reason for us now being so spoilt for choice and being able to pick and choose any style of jewellery to express ourselves is that jewellery trends have become truly international. Yes, many regions still have their styles, but these styles are now becoming global in their reach and appeal – just think of the tribal inspired statement jewellery (think Africa, Egypt, India) that is everywhere! We are living in a truly borderless world when it comes to jewellery fashion and trends. Input any jewellery style into Google and you will find something to suit you.

In the midst of this global jewellery industry where designers and countries are vying for your attention, the small but beautifully formed island of Mauritius is making its mark, offering a wealth of designers that provide truly exquisite jewellery. Mauritius’ Economic Development Board is busy promoting the island’s talented designers on a global scale, excited about what this island can offer the world. So keep your eyes peeled for Mauritian jewellery design talent making some big waves with their handmade natural gemstone jewellery, silver pendants and vibrant colours, you won’t be disappointed.

Now, although the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing the perfect piece of jewellery, many of you may be looking for a bit more focus to your choices and are not going to find it useful when I say ‘anything goes – wear what you want.’ Many of us have very clear ideas in mind, we know our personality and we know what jewellery style will go with a certain outfit. I, for one, am not a fan of plastic, neon, chunky jewellery. I wore it as a child, but just cannot see myself wearing it again. We know what we like but need some help to know what is out there, why we should wear it and whether or not it suits our personality, or sends out the correct message, So, below, I have picked out a couple of styles of jewellery that are ‘in’, which I love to wear and which I feel offer enough breadth of choice so that you don’t have to buy into everything, but can still make a variety of jewellery fashion statements.

Colour – it’s everywhere!

Colour is everywhere in current jewellery fashion trends. Whether you live in the more tropical, colourful parts of the world, or the more rainy UK, you can’t hide from it. If, like me, you’re not into bold neon plastic jewellery (sorry, I just see curly perms every time), fear not, there are still plenty of jewellery styles that enable you to wear colour in a variety of ways, again, to suit your personality and style. We see colour in gemstones, every type of bead, embellishment and beautiful string tassels; you name it, we are using every material and design technique possible to ensure jewellery designs are as colourful as possible. Wear it to make an already colourful look even more vibrant, or simply wear some strategically places accents of colour to a more understated outfit. With so many styles on offer, there is no need to be afraid of colour.  

Bold, statement jewellery

Another jewellery trend that is going nowhere is bold, statement jewellery. From large collar necklaces, tassel earrings and chunky stacker bracelets, they have been, and will remain, a strong jewellery trend for 2019. This trend is helped by the fact we can make jewellery out of anything; this jewellery trend would not be possible, if we were still wedded to our fixation with fine 9ct gold pieces. We are seeing jewellery made from fabric, wood, ceramics, anything….which is why the sky is the limit when you want to choose your ideal statement piece. Again, you can make a statement whichever way you want – a single chunky gemstone bead bracelet, or a few nicely stacked on your wrist; or a single statement ring; it’s about doing it the way that suits you, just use your creativity.

Minimalism – Dainty jewellery

At the other end of the spectrum is the continuing trend for understated, dainty jewellery. If you’re not into making statements with bold, chunky pieces of jewellery, there are plenty of understated jewellery styles on offer that enable you to express yourself just as effectively. Choose from dainty chains with fine pendants, dainty rings, and fine silver or gold bracelets. There can be nothing more effective than a fine chain or bracelet with the daintiest of embellishments – stunning!

Layering – stack your jewellery!

This is more of a ‘look’ than a style of jewellery design, which has been around for many years and shows no sign of slowing down. It seems no fashion shoot is complete without a model wearing layers of jewellery around her neck or, more usually, her wrist. Depending on the style of jewellery you choose, you can create whatever look you want to – choose chunky, bold, colourful jewellery for a more edgy, dramatic look, daintier gemstone and precious metal pieces for contemporary elegance, or leather and tassels for that always-desirable, boho-chic look. You can layer your jewellery however you want, to suit you.

Personalised – jewellery with meaning

One trend that has grown during 2018, is the desire for our jewellery to have a special meaning. Jewellery has always been given to demonstrate feelings – love, affection, a token of appreciation, but we are demanding a lot more now. Jewellery with personalised messages engraved, imprints of our children’s handprints – we want our jewellery to speak to us personally and to be individual to us; again, so we can show the world something about ourselves, beliefs and lifestyle.

SNEEK PEAK INTO 2019 – we’ve listened to what you want and in 2019 Liri will be launching a range of dainty birthstone jewellery, complete with your star sign charm. You’ll be able to choose from dainty natural gemstone necklaces, understated bracelets and gemstone earrings, and, as always, we can even make you that perfect bespoke piece. The dainty and personalised look in one.

The Beach – Turquoise jewellery

Being located in Mauritius, I can fully understand the jewellery trend for turquoise colours, shells, anything that brings the seashore to life. Whether you are now entering the summer months or just settling into the colder winter, there is nothing better for bringing some joy and warmth to your day than by wearing jewellery that reminds you of paradise. With the colour Turquoise commonly associated with tranquillity, protection and emotional balance, it is no wonder we love wearing it in our jewellery.

So, as we move into 2019, we have no excuse for not being able to find a jewellery trend that speaks to us. Keep your eyes peeled on these stunning jewellery styles and not only will you always find a style that suits you, but you will be amazed at how the jewellery industry will keep on bringing you innovative new styles made from a huge range of materials. There really is nothing that can’t be turned into a piece of jewellery and nothing we cannot wear, and we are all richer for it.

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