How I want Liri jewellery to make you feel

Designing and creating jewellery is my passion, it has been for as long as I can remember. As a child I was fascinated by how sparkly and shiny gemstones were and would gaze longingly at gorgeous diamond rings in the window of the local jewellers, willing one of them to be mine. I will never forget the excitement of buying my very first gold and gemstone ring; yes this is the actual one and £20 was a lot of money for a 13 year old at that time.

I wasn’t obsessed with it just because it sparkled, rather it was because the sparkle, and the owning of a beautiful piece of jewellery made me feel a certain way. I felt like a total princess wearing this ring. I felt grown up, ‘posh’ even (this had gemstones in it and was in gold – my very first piece). I really felt special, and it is this knowledge that jewellery can have such a huge impact on the feelings of the wearer – how they feel about themselves and their place in the world, that has stayed with me all these years.

I know this may sound exaggerated, but when I design a piece of jewellery, I want you to experience a similar emotional pull. None of Liri’s jewellery collections are designed in a vacuum, for the sake of it, or because ‘I’d better just design something’; I create each bracelet, ring, necklace and earing in the hope that you will feel a certain way when you wear it. I also have to have an emotional reaction to a jewellery design before I know it is ready for production. I know when I am satisfied with the final design, because I literally have a gut reaction to it. I know I have perfected the design when I no longer have to think about whether or not I like it, the reaction is a bodily reflex I can’t control. So what do I hope you feel when you see and wear Liri Jewellery?

Jewellery to feel special and valued

Jewellery makes me feel totally special, it is the ultimate treat and when it is given to me as a gift, I know I mean a lot to that person. However the days of waiting for jewellery as a gift from someone else to make us feel special, have gone. We live in an era where many of us have the luxury of being able to treat ourselves to something whenever we feel like it. I know that I turn to jewellery – to buy or simply just to look at what is out there, when I am experiencing certain emotions. In need a gentle ‘pick me up’? I browse on-line. Achieved something at work? Why not reward myself. We just can’t get away from it, jewellery is seen as an answer to mark so many life events and to sooth so many of our emotions.  We want to remind ourselves that we are special and that we deserve it.

Jewellery to feel unique

I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me jewellery is handmade, or limited edition, my interest in that design is instantly heightened. Not only am I intrigued by how it is made and the story behind it, I feel rather pleased with myself that I have managed to source a unique piece of jewellery that nobody else has, or a limited edition item that you can’t find everywhere.

The value we place on having something limited edition or unique is a significant factor behind the design of my jewellery. It is also clear that this is what you want from your jewellery. As a result, not only are Liri’s designs limited editions, but more and more of my creations have a unique element to them. Each of the statement, handmade fine silver pendants you are seeing are different. Due to the texturing process, it is impossible to create any two that are the same. The piece you buy is yours only, no one else will have it.

There was a time when individualism was seen negatively, where we’d use it to put our own interests above those of wider society. However there has definitely been a shift in our perceptions of, and attitudes towards, individualism. No longer is it seen in many societies as a way to place ourselves above others, rather it is a way of accepting that we are all different, which should be accepted and celebrated. Rather than it being a barrier to cooperation, we are recognising how our different traits and features can be used to work together to build a better future for us all.

With our individuality celebrated, many of you are asking for commissioned pieces of jewellery that speak directly to you. You want to commemorate a special event, give a personalised gift, have a favourite gemstone, pendant idea and style; it is always a pleasure to work with you to create that piece of jewellery that is ‘just right’ because I know what that piece means to you and how it will make you feel. Due to popular demand, we will be introducing an engraving service next year, enabling us to personalised your jewellery even further.

Jewellery to feel excited

Like that little girl almost 30 years ago (giving away my age, now), I also want you to feel as excited as I did when I bought my very first piece of posh, gold gemstone jewellery. I still feel it now, whenever I walk past a jewellery shop or am given jewellery as a gift – total excitement. Excitement can be an instant, transient feeling that evaporates once we get used to an idea or an item, but like passion, it can evolve into more eternal, solid feelings as time goes on, such as appreciation, happiness and contentment, which is why we return to wearing  our most precious pieces, time and time again.

Jewellery to feel beautiful

Beauty can be felt and experienced in so many ways and it seems quite superficial to say a piece of jewellery can make you feel beautiful, but we must be realistic, it does. We all buy clothes and cut our hair to make us look good, and we adorn ourselves in jewellery for the same purpose. Like a new hair cut, jewellery enhances us, it compliments us, it brings out the beauty that is already there.

Jewellery that makes a difference – sustainability and ethics

I have to admit that this emotion wasn’t on my radar when I bought that ring all those years ago, it was all about me feeling like a beautiful princess. I don’t know about you, but since I’ve become older and wiser, I’m not that keen on buying just any piece of jewellery. As with the clothes and food I buy, I am concerned about the amount of cheap, mass produced things that are on offer to us; I’m concerned about the materials used, the wages people are being paid, the impact on the environment, and how we throw away things so easily when we get tired of them. As a result I am reluctant to spend my hard earned money on something cheap, badly made and which I am likely to throw away soon.

This is a significant feature of Liri jewellery. All pieces are made from gemstones and silver for a reason – natural, durable materials. Liri is not fast fashion, rather the collections are designs that are elegant, contemporary and can be worn on so many different occasions. It is quality fashion that will be appreciated for years to come.

Liri jewellery isn’t ‘just jewellery’. It is made with a clear purpose and passion, which I hope you feel when you’re wearing your favourite piece. Please get in touch to let us know how you want your jewellery to make you feel.

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