Mix and match your jewellery – how to refresh your jewellery collection

How has May been for you? I’m glad to say it’s finally cooled down here in Mauritius, so the days and evenings are much more pleasant. Some great things have been happening at Liri jewellery this past month and we have a lot more to come so stay tuned to your newsletters, emails, Insta and FB feeds!

I’ve had a spurt of creativity these past few weeks which has inspired me to look at how we can be a bit more creative in how we wear our jewellery. In previous blogs we’ve looked at what individual style of jewellery we can choose to express our personality and style. If we want to make a big impact, we may choose a bold, colourful design or if it’s a formal, daytime setting, maybe a more dainty piece. But what if there’s another way, what if we don’t have to stick to wearing one style or type of jewellery at a time to have the desired impact? What if we mixed and matched our pieces, wore bold with dainty, long with short or another combination? What if we tore up the rule book and lived a bit more adventurously? Let’s see how we can do this and still look fabulous…

Match your colours

So, you don’t just have one particular favourite style of jewellery but you do have some favourite colours that you like to wear together. So how about choosing complimentary styles of jewellery that are of the same colour. I adore the earthy tones of the Botswana Agate gemstone and think the lovely bracelets from our Heaven and Harmony collections compliment each other to perfection. The colours match and the styles are different yet complimentary, ensuring the look is a bit more interesting yet remains unified.

What about two dainty bracelets. The sparkly silver and Peridot design from our Sweet Dreams collection looks perfect alongside the Prehnite wraparound heart charm bracelet from our Divine collection. Elegant layering at its best.

Coordinate your colours

Your colours don’t always have to match, they can look just as good if they’re coordinated i.e. they are of the same colour pallet or tone. The rich tones of Amethyst work perfectly with a very similar stone – Fluorite, where its lilac, blue and green tones match a rich purple perfectly. Again a dainty Amethyst bracelet from our Sweet Dreams collection works perfectly with an elegant Fluorite and Heart charm bracelet from our Natur collection.

Or what about the vibrant tones of turquoise and Lapis Lazuli together? The two designs from our Sweet Dreams collection look stunning together.

Wear chunky with dainty

I often put statement, chunky designs as polar opposites to more dainty jewellery – you may prefer to wear one style over the other. But if you’re like me and like both styles, why not wear them together. This look needs to be thought out a bit more thoroughly as not all chunky and dainty styles work together. Try to ensure there is something in common between the designs such as the shape of the gemstone. There needs to be another unifying feature other than just the colour. A bold, colourful gemstone bracelet can look perfect with a daintier piece in a coordinating colour. The statement Rose Quartz bracelet from our Heaven collection of round Rose Quartz will sit perfectly with the dainty pastel Pink Opal from our Sweet Dreams collection.

Wear casual with elegant

This could be a tricky look as casual and elegant are quite the polar opposites in terms of ‘feel’, but again, choose your pieces wisely with a unifying feature, and you can certainly pull it off. Take the navy silk cord and Blue lace agate bracelet from our Constellation collection and team it with the Lapis Lazuli dainty gemstone bracelet from our Sweet Dreams collection.  One is casual, the other is more elegant, but both are dainty so ‘match’ perfectly.

Layer your necklaces

A word of caution with this look. To look polished, I would suggest layering either chunky pieces together, or dainty pieces together. Mixing chunky and dainty can be done, but there is a risk of looking rather unkempt. Again, choose pieces with some similar features for extra coordination. For this look, why not mix the dainty daisy and moonstone necklace from our Natur collection with the elegant daisy and moonstone long line necklace from our Divine collection. Both look fantastic together and have clear coordinating features.

Break the rules…but just a little

When I design collections I often make jewellery within that collection that matches, such as a matching bracelet or necklace. They have the same gemstone, charm or design. But we don’t need to restrict ourselves to thinking that only pieces from within one collection can work together. If we think a bit more creatively, we can see endless possibilities to mix and match our pieces. Think in terms of a unifying feature – the colour – the same or coordinating, or styles of jewellery that compliment and can be worn together. Once we start re-defining what ‘matches’ we suddenly have a whole new array of ‘looks’ within our jewellery boxes. So what are you waiting for, raid your jewellery collection and enjoy creating many more new ‘looks’ that you never knew you had.

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