Our 2020 collections – how you can expect to feel in our new jewellery designs

If you’ve been following us on Facebook and Instagram or have subscribed to our VIP list, you’ll know that for the last eight weeks or so, team Liri has been working to bring you brand new jewellery collections for 2020. Well….they’re ready, along with stunning images and gorgeous videos that really capture the beauty of the jewellery and the essence of our brand. If you’ve not checked them out yet, head on over to www.yourliri.com, and as always, please let me know what you think ☺

So, with new jewellery collections, images and videos. I wanted to take this chance to speak with you about the reasons and inspirations behind this year’s designs, how we want you to feel wearing Liri jewellery and what we stand for, as a jewellery company. So, if you’re not familiar with Liri, here’s the perfect chance to learn a little bit more. 

We want you to feel elegant…graceful…alive

I design and make jewellery because I’m passionate about its ability to totally transform the way we feel about ourselves and the world around us. You may think this is an exaggeration, but since a young age, I’ve been aware of the impact jewellery and gemstones can have on our mood and feelings. I can still remember as a 10 year old, pressing my nose against a jewellery shop window in my local town, longing for the day I could buy the gorgeous gold and garnet ring in the display – and I did, after saving my pocket money forever! I would also collect gems, cubic zirconia, or anything sparkly from old pieces of jewellery and keep them in a trinket box that I’d gaze upon in wonder. Why? Because they made me feel special, like a princess, all grown up, elegant and sophisticated. And this is how I want you to feel when wearing Liri jewellery. When designing each piece in my new collections, I wanted to ensure you felt elegant, graceful, beautiful, and not just on special occasions. Unlike previous collections, I’ve designed each collection so each piece can be worn day or evening – I want you to feel elegant everyday, no matter what you’re doing – at work, relaxing, running errands or at a sophisticated evening event. Beautiful jewellery should not be kept for special occasions, rather we should be able to enjoy it even in the most ‘ordinary’ of moments.

Beautiful designs, quality materials

Because I want you to feel elegant everyday, I’ve incorporated the international trend for the dainty and layered looks. This year I’ve included more dainty designs, so you can feel comfortable and stylish whatever you’re wearing. With dainty jewellery you can also layer and stack as you please, so you can create your own customised style. The statement look is still very much part of Liri with our revamped  Oceana and Heaven collections, so if you prefer bolder elegance, there’s still plenty for you. Whatever I design, I just have to include a gemstone to add a dash of colour. This isn’t simply because I love gemstones in all their forms, but because I live in Mauritius where the colour, energy and vibrancy of the island is contagious. Between the bright sun, turquoise seas, deep green forests and the energy of the people, I can’t help but add colour to my jewellery.

I believe jewellery is a highly emotional purchase; we buy it because it makes us feel a certain way. Because of this, I want to make sure your special purchase is not only highly designed, but is also made from quality materials. I will say it again – all Liri jewellery is made from fine and sterling silver and only genuine gemstones. Why should you settle for anything less when you’re looking for that special piece to make you feel fantastic? Why should you gift someone close to you a piece of jewellery made from mass produced manmade materials? Jewellery means a lot to us and it’s my job to ensure you receive something of a style and quality that matches the sentiment behind it. It actually saddens me when I see people buy jewellery that just doesn’t do them justice in terms of what the deserve. Never sell yourself short, always by precious metals and gemstones. If you’d like to know more about why I’m so passionate about this, I’d love for you to read one of my earlier blogs

So, this is why I do what I do, so let’s look at some of our new collections and the sentiment behind them.

You’re a goddess and don’t you forget it!

Yes you are, in everything you do. I designed the ‘Goddess’ collection of bold designs to reflect both our feminine strength and inner softness. Delicate Rose Quartz and Green Amethyst gems nestle alongside textured circles of sterling silver. This collection makes it clear you’re strong, sexy and powerful, but with a soft and loving heart.

Express your wild and feminine side

‘Roche’ – inspired by the rugged rocks and wild coastline of South Mauritius. This collection of textured, asymmetrical pendants with a dainty Peridot gemstone is perfect for expressing your wild and feminine side. With pieces perfect for day or night time, you’ll always have a design to wear, whatever you’re doing.

Be delicate

Don’t you just love stacker rings? The freedom to layer as much as you want, to create the look you want? ‘Delicat’ is a collection of dainty textured sterling silver and rose cut gemstone stacker rings that are perfect for mixing and matching to reflect your style. In one collection you can go from dainty to glam to boho babe, just by how you decide to stack and layer your rings.

Be bold

I love making a big statement with my jewellery at times, don’t you, where you have big gems (and plenty of them) and substantial fine silver charms. To be bigger and bolder, I revamped our popular Heaven collection this year to include more silver, some larger charms, and more texture. Wear them alone or stacked – depending on your boldness that day ☺

Bring some calmness to your life

I absolutely adore the Serenity collection. It developed from a one of a kind design I created at the end of last year. I feel so calm looking at the dainty sky blue topaz resting between the ocean ripples and clear blue sky. This collection captures the soothing dawn seashore of Mauritius perfectly.  

It’s all about how you want to feel in your jewellery

I design jewellery from my heart and soul, which is why every collection is born from a clear emotion. You may not always be consciously aware of it, but the next time you’re looking to buy jewellery be mindful of the emotion and feeling that is influencing your choice. And as always, never settle for anything that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Remember – you always deserve the best in terms of design, materials and the passion behind the creation. 

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