Reflections on December 2018…..creating a positive 2019

We’re always told to look to the future; the past is gone, it can’t be changed and we need to think and plan ahead. I used to agree with this approach, but I think looking back and taking stock is a rewarding and necessary exercise. Looking back, (even just a little) actually helps to put me in the correct mindset to move forward in the right direction, and to plan for that brighter future. Taking stock of what has gone actually helps me to realise how grateful we can and should be, and these warm and glowing feelings, in turn, provide the necessary context for successful future planning. So, with looking back being rewarding in so many ways, I wanted to share with you some of the great things that have happened this past month and how they have affected my attitude moving into 2019, and the impact it will have on the future of Liri.

Supporting a very worthwhile cause

As I’m sure you know by now, Liri’s jewellery designs are inspired by Mauritius – the tropical beaches, the vibrant colours, the general energy of the people and the island; without Mauritius, there really would be no Liri jewellery. Unfortunately, Mauritius is not all paradise, sun and cocktails; a very real problem is the large stray dog population and the suffering they experience every day; it really is a heart breaking situation. Luckily, there is a dedicated team working for the charity PAWS that do a sterling job in raising awareness of the situation, sterilising dogs and cats and re-homing many of the island’s strays. On 30 November Liri was proud to attend PAWS’ annual fundraising event at the Le Morne Anglers’ Club in Black River for an evening of great food, entertainment and fundraising. We were very proud to sponsor one of the prizes and to know that the money raised would help make such a difference.

Giving thanks to supporters of the Mauritian hospitality industry

One reason why so many people are drawn to Mauritius is its vibrant and welcoming hospitality industry. The number of 4 and 5 star hotels here is huge and they really are quite an experience. On 12 December, Liri was invited to attend the annual event held at the Suffren Hotel in Port Louis, a charming business hotel right on the waterfront in the heart of the capital city (travelling there by boat actually makes you feel like you’re in a James Bond movie) to thank its corporate supporters over the past year. It really was a magical atmosphere, with plenty of food, wine and beautiful singing from a local choir; a fantastic Christmas vibe in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Creating bespoke jewellery designs for that special occasion

At Liri, we love to work with you to create those one-off jewellery designs that are unique and special to you. With Christmas in the air, it was, again a pleasure to work with you to co-design some jewellery designs that came from the heart to show how much you cared about the person who would be receiving them. We are really looking forward to sharing more of these opportunities with you.

Travelling home for Christmas

This really has been the highlight of the last month. At the start of December it was touch and go whether or not I would be able to return to Wales to spend Christmas with my family. I found out on 20 December that this was going to happen and wasted no time in jetting off to the UK on the 22nd. I was dreading the cold and gloomy weather but, for some reason, I am finding the familiarity of the wet Welsh weather very comforting this time around. I have enjoyed walking the countryside around my home, speaking to people I haven’t seen in a long time, appreciating the beauty of the place where I grew up, and generally feeling quite content in being back home. I’ve also taken some gorgeous pictures, which will provide the background to some of our many inspirational quotations on social media over the coming weeks.

So what have I learnt?

As we rush through life, it often seems as if things are generally a hassle. There’s always someone or something getting in our way and annoying us, which breeds a negative attitude towards life. But if I look back at just the last month alone, all I actually see is compassion, hope and gratitude around me. Each of the events Liri and I have been a part of have been created by people who want to show love, support and thanks to those around them. So when we stop and think for a while, and really look at what happens in our lives, we will begin to notice these significant gestures of positivity. In many cases, the type of negative aspects we let dominate our thinking can be merely minor inconveniences that get in our way and cloud our judgement. The substantial aspects of our lives, which actually, matter, are, in fact, quite positive. Being home for Christmas has reinforced this positive attitude. I have found pleasure and joy in the smallest of actions – a walk up my favourite mountain, a pleasant chat with people I have known all my life, but not seen in many years, playing with my nieces…I could go on. Yes, some things have irritated me, like my flight being delayed and having to rush through Heathrow airport to make it to my coach on time, but so what? I made my tired legs work just that bit faster, and just made it in time. I think the rush actually woke me up a bit from the tiring 20 hour journey.

So….how does this realisation of the abundance of positivity around us help when looking and planning ahead? Well, it helps me to realise that yes, life is full of challenges, but that the conscious actions of humans towards one another are generally borne from compassion and care. Day to day, it is rare that what we consciously do to each other is a result of negative intentions, rather anything negative we do is often a buy-product of a longer process that is often out of our control. When humans put their mind to it, it is love and care that shape our actions and relations towards one another.

When we realise this, it alters our mindset, which, as we know, impacts our actions, which really can change our lives. So yes, looking back has been fruitful as it has helped me to notice more of the significant positivity that is around us, if we just stop and take a moment to reflect and pay attention. This sense of positivity has given me a renewed sense of energy. My mind is a whirl of plans for Liri – what we will be doing next, what new collections to bring, where we will be bringing our jewellery to you next. I am truly excited for what lies ahead.

I hope you can take some time to look at just the last month to notice the elements of positivity that you have experienced. As the saying goes, ‘where focus goes, energy flows’. And it is our positive energy that will make positive things happen in our lives.

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