Why you need to stack your rings…

Tell me, why do you buy and wear jewellery? I can think of many reasons why I do – I want to look and feel a certain way. I also want it to reflect my personality or I want to give a certain message about who I am. To do these, we buy a piece of jewellery, and when we wear it, we look and feel a certain way. But what if we could wear some pieces of jewellery that can make us feel differently at different times? Enter the ring stack. Strictly speaking it isn’t one piece of jewellery, but I guarantee you, once you buy one stacker ring, you’ll want more. 

Ladies have been stacking their rings for as long as I can remember. In South Wales, where I’m from, wearing as many rings as possible on your finger has been a staple fashion statement for years. In the eighties, we would also jam on many rings on each finger. Yes, this is technically ring stacking, but ‘stacker’ rings are a particular type of ring, created especially for stacking comfortably and stylishly, which is responsible for a lot of their appeal. This trend has been around for about 10 years, made popular by Pandora and it shows no sense of going away. I recently posted on Instagram where I asked you to choose your favourite Liri stack, and the response was huge, so you clearly love them too.  So why are they so popular and why should you start stacking? I have a few ideas…

They’re just so dainty and pretty

We’ve been loving our dainty jewellery for years and stacker rings have been a big part of that trend. They’re dainty, cute, feminine and sparkly (if they have a gem). I don’t know about you but I just feel so light and free wearing them, even if I have a lot on my finger. For me it’s definitely the ‘prettiness’ factor that wins me over.

You can customise to suit your style

Along with the dainty jewellery trend, we’ve also been loving the customisable, personalised jewellery trend. We want jewellery that reflects our personality, or means something to us on a deeper, more meaningful level. Essentially, our jewellery has to reflect us and not just be something that looks nice. And this is what stacker rings do – you can build up a collection of pieces that suit you and alter your stack by reorganising the rings to suit your mood on any particular day. They’re similar to other dainty jewellery that can be layered and stacked, such as necklaces of different lengths. It’s all about wearing jewellery that we can alter and customise to please us. And dainty stacker rings are one of the most versatile items of jewellery we can have in our collection for this.

They’re completely customisable to suit where you’re going or what you’re doing

There was a time where we’d only wear a certain piece of jewellery at a certain time. So we’d have pieces we kept for ‘best’ – evenings out or formal occasions. Then we’d have something more suitable for everyday wear. And here’s the beauty of stacker rings – you can wear them all the time and just adjust the rings in the stack to suit the occasion. So, if it’s an elegant evening out, you may wear rings with larger charms or stones and stack three or more. For a casual BBQ, it could be a stack of 2 or 3 daintier rings, and for a really casual day, say, running errands, you may just wear one. The point is, you don’t have to ‘save’ them for any occasion, because there’s always a stacking option where you can wear them at all times. 

So, what should we look for in a good stack?

Now, there is an art to creating a stylish stack. Don’t just lump your favourites together and hope for the best, as they may not work as a stack. After all you don’t just wear all your favourite clothes together do you? We need to plan our stack the same way we plan out outfit so they fit together and coordinate well. And these key features will ensure our stack is always on point…

The rings need to sit snuggly one on top of the other

To create the perfect stack, each ring must sit flush on top of each other, that is, there should be no gaps between the bands. If there are gaps between the rings in your stack, rethink what rings you want to include as gaps look untidy. For rings to sit snuggly, any pendants or gems on the rings must sit slightly proud on the band as this will allow other rings to slot behind them and flush against the next band. I hope this image demonstrates what I mean, look how neatly they fit together, it almost looks like one statement ring.

Try to create balance and symmetry

When creating your ring stack, try to create a symmetrical look. By this I mean choose rings that when stacked, compliment each other. So you may choose a plain base band, then a proud larger pendant and a dainty gem ring that will nestle by its side. Try to have one ring as the focal piece and cluster the rest around it, like in the image below:


Cluster  or ‘lock in’ your gems and pendants

This follows on from the previous point. As you create a focus to your stack, make sure all pieces ‘lock in’ around each other. Not only will this be more comfortable (nothing worse than rings spinning around your finger), but it will also help with creating the illusion of a single, neat stack. 

Have fun

Apart from the above ‘rules’, you really are free to design your stack as you wish. You can even change up your look by using the same pieces – just order them differently (providing the stack snuggly of course ;). 

So what are you waiting for, you can start experimenting with the rings you have right now in your jewellery box or mix and match them with some of our designs. Have fun coming up with your own look and altering to suit your mood and the occasion. Once to start to stack, you really won’t go back. ☺


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