New beginnings, so lots of new things for you from Liri…

Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog but I thought now was the perfect time to get back to it. Why? Well, Liri is experiencing all sorts of newness and this means new designs, new inspirations, rebranded website, and, above all else – a brand new location. If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram or are a member of our VIP group you’ll already know that Liri has moved from warm and sunny Mauritius to the cooler climes of Wales in the UK. So if you’re a Liri fan in the UK or Europe but have never ordered jewellery from us before, now’s your chance! But, fear not, all loyal Mauritian Liri fans, you’ll still be able to receive your favourite Liri jewellery, PLUS, if you’re in our VIP group, you get FREE standard shipping on your orders, all the time. So, now we’re in the UK, what’s in store for you? 

New location, new inspirations

As you know, the vibrancy, colour and life of Mauritius has had a huge influence on my jewellery designs. I’ve translated these inspirations into designs to create certain emotions that either help you experience Mauritius, or help you tell your story to the world. Well, over recent months, I’ve noticed a shift in what’s inspiring me and the type of jewellery I’m designing. Emotions and storytelling are still central to why and what I design, but my designs are becoming sleeker, more elegant and very tactile – you just love touching and stroking them. Nature is also inspiring me to create designs to evoke emotions, rather than simply designing something that reminds me of nature – I hope I’m making sense. So, I’m no longer designing a piece based on the shape of a leaf because I want you to experience that leaf, rather that leaf will help you express an emotion or tell a story. And with new inspiration like this, I’m getting fired up about what I’ll be designing. 

So, what can you expect for the rest of 2020?

It’s been a bit of a difficult year to plan hasn’t it? But there’s plenty coming up for you over the next couple of months and I’m sticking to it – ha ha!  Although I design all the time, I love this time of year because it’s when I focus on finalising my new collections – it really forces me to decide what collections I want to bring you next, and what maybe needs some tweaking for future release. And I’m really excited about the designs that are coming up. They’re sleeker, more elegant, and really tactile – I think you’ll love them.

As always, there’ll be plenty of custom designs to show you so if you’ve always wanted something made exclusively for you, to tell your own personal story, just get in touch. There are plenty of pieces online to give you some inspiration. Custom designs are  particularly popular this time of year as we head into (dare I say it) the festive season, so if you’ve always wanted something special made for your or a loved one, let’s work together to see what we can create for you. 

If you’re in the UK, you’ll know we’re heading into the gloomy part of the year, where it’s cold, dark, wet, which seems  never ending. So why not brighten up your days with some of our more colourful designs. Our Oceana and Heaven collections of statement gemstone and silver charm bracelets were made to bring the tropics to life and they’re perfect for brightening up the gloomy British winter. And….if you’ve never shopped with us before, join our VIP group and you’ll get 10% off your first order.

FREE gifts

And to brighten up our colder seasons even further, there’ll be plenty of free gifts with purchases over the next couple of months, so a great way to treat yourself and a loved one at the same time. These are what you can expect during October.

Liri now comes to you in the Welsh language

Yup, that’s right, If you speak God’s own language, you can now browse all Liri designs and complete your online order through the medium of the lovely Welsh language. Liri is back in Wales and I want to give Welsh speakers in Wales and abroad the chance to have their whole Liri online experience in Welsh. And….if you want to contact me in Welsh – dim prob! 


Sneak peeks and special offers…

…but only if you’re in our VIP group. That’s right. If you want to get more from Liri – exclusive insights into new designs and collections, special offers and, of course, FREE standard shipping on all your orders, all of the time, anywhere in the world, you can only get them by joining our VIP group. When you’re a VIP you really do get more, so join us today ☺

So…lots to look forward to and as always, I’ll be popping up in videos, speaking to you live on Facebook each Friday, and giving you sneak peeks behind the scenes on Facebook and Instagram

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