A time to renew and refresh – choose your jewellery to express yourself

How has your week been? Pretty good here, just putting the finishing touches to our new brochures and website – so excited to be bringing that to you and all the lovely new jewellery designs we’ve been teasing you with these past few weeks. Head on over and check out our site, I think it looks fabulous!


So, with the general sense of ‘newness’, revamping and relaunching in the air at Liri, in this week’s blog we’re going to look at how we choose one of Liri’s new jewellery designs to suit us. This may involve an existing Liri jewellery design, a slight twist on one of our pieces, or, a completely new design that will tell the world who you are. No matter what you choose, I want to continue on the theme of recent weeks, and that is, knowing who we are and using jewellery to communicate our personalities to the world around us. Even when we’re not speaking, we are constantly communicating who we are – from our facial expressions, our style of hair, clothes, and yes, our jewellery…so choose wisely……

Who are you?

Before we even start looking at anything else, choosing a jewellery design begins with us – who are we? What is our personality and what types of jewellery will help us to express ourselves? Let’s be honest, unless we’re in a mad rush, we don’t just throw on our clothes or choose a random hairstyle, and we don’t just grab whatever piece of jewellery comes to hand. We choose because we want to communicate who we are or what we’re feeling at that time. I don’t want to make any assumptions about how anybody likes to express themselves, so let’s use myself as a guinea pig and look at how my personality influences what jewellery I like to wear.

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, I’ve rediscovered myself over the past few years and as I’ve evolved, so has my taste in jewellery. As I’ve become stronger in myself, and a bit more daring in my choices, I find the best designs to express myself are some of our chunkier pieces. This has taken me by surprise because if you saw my jewellery box in the past, it was always been full of the daintiest pieces. However, at this point in time I simply adore layering up our Heaven bracelets or wearing an Oceana bracelet. I feel these designs have such a ‘wow factor’ and I love it when my jewellery makes people go ‘wow’.




Making an impact in different circumstances

The formal occasion

However, sometimes we will want to, and need to, express our personalities in different ways, depending on how we can make the same impact but in different circumstances. This is often a result of having to conform to a certain dress code at a certain time.  When faced with the need to be formal, I don’t ever feel the need to supress my personality and to compromise my ability to wear a jewellery design that will still show people who I am. So, what do I do? I wear a very plain and understated outfit (ticking the ‘formal’ box) which I team with a more elegant piece of jewellery that will stand out against the formality of my clothes. With the clothes taking a back seat it ensures all the attention is still focussed on my jewellery and I am still expressing my personality. To do this, our Divine collection of dainty, yet colourful pieces, are just perfect. Their sparkle is perfect for adding an accent of personality to what could have been a dull outfit.


Running errands

But what if I’m just out and about during the day running errands? How am I still able to wear something that reflects me? I know that when I’m in this situation I often feel I need to be practical and either forget jewellery altogether or keep it to the bare minimum. Afterall, wearing a sparkly, long necklace isn’t practical when rushing to do my shopping. But if we equate the need to be practical with neglecting our appearance, it can have a negative effect in the long run. I know when I stop making an effort, I can feel a bit low of mood. So what can we do? We wear more practical, yet still vibrant jewellery, that is what. We can wear a statement Sprite gem and cord bracelet, or layer up a Constellation silk cord bracelet with a charm bracelet from our Natur collection. This way I can still be me, but in a more casual setting. We never need stop caring how we communicate with the world just because its an ‘errand’ day, we just need to think differently regarding what jewellery we wear.




…But I need something different…


At Liri, we realise we’re all different, and what may reflect my personality, may not reflect yours, which is why we try to offer a wide range of jewellery styles to suit different personalities, moods and circumstances; but we know we may still miss things out. Because of this we will work with you to either modify one of our existing jewellery designs, or help to create something completely unique. I know what it is like to see a piece of jewellery but it is not quite right. You may love a certain design but we don’t have it in your favourite colour. Not a problem, let us know your preferred colour and we can see if we can make it in a corresponding gemstone. This is a particularly popular request with our Sweet Dreams collection. We currently have five colour options, but if you’d like another colour, please get in touch.


You also may want to wear one of our jewellery designs in a completely different way. I think dainty charms on long line necklaces look very chic, so maybe a Natur pendant on a longer necklace would be more to your taste…if so, please get in touch. Maybe you’d like all of the Natur pendants on one bracelet for a lovely ‘jingly’ piece, again, please let us know.


…The possibilities are endless…


Because each piece of jewellery is made by hand we endeavour to accommodate every request. So what are you waiting for? Consider who you are and what you want to express and go for it! I sometimes feel it is quite frivolous to see jewellery as something so significant for expressing who we are, for shaping our mood etc., but when do we ever choose anything for no apparent reason….?


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