Buying jewellery – it’s about your needs and not the designer’s ego

Being back in Wales has definitely brought me a new lease of creativity – not only a new jewellery collection, but I’m also enjoying blogging again, which means more chances for us to connect – yay!

If you follow me on FB and Insta, you’ll see I’ve been doing a lot of hill walking. When I walk, I think about jewellery – what inspires me, what to create, but more importantly, how I can best serve you through the jewellery I design and the service I give. I love everything about jewellery, but guess what? It’s not all about me. And in this blog I want to show that when you buy jewellery, you must make sure the experience you have is all about you, the customer. Because when it is, something magical happens. You’re probably thinking ‘Magic? That’s a bit of an exaggeration to describe buying jewellery, isn’t it?’ But let’s look at what can happen when the designer and vendor make it all about you, and not them. And when you know what treatment to expect when you’re buying your jewellery, I want to you to make sure you never settle for less than magic again, OK?

I design jewellery with your needs and emotions in mind

How many times have you read a description about a piece of jewellery where the designer just talks about what it means to them? They describe why and how they designed it and how it makes them feel, but you’re left thinking, ‘lovely but so what?’. What you actually want to know is, ‘how does that benefit me, what do I get out of that piece of jewellery you’ve made?’ But so much of the time, designers make it all about their art and their creative journey…basically their ego. They magically expect you to care about all of this, when in fact, it should be about you and what you want from that jewellery, right from the start.

Of course, I design jewellery because something has sparked an emotion in me. But it’s not about me sharing my emotions with you, and expecting you to care about how I feel about a design, it’s about me helping you feel an emotion you want to feel, through the jewellery you wear.

When I design jewellery based on a certain emotion I feel, I’m not saying to you ‘love this design because it reminds me of the calmness of the sea’, or ‘buy this design because it makes me feel happy’. I design it because I want you to feel how you want to feel. When I design a piece based on an emotion I’ve felt, I always ask myself ‘could someone else benefit from feeling this way too?’. I’ve always known the power jewellery has to make us feel a certain way and when you’re wearing that perfect piece, my goodness it can feel soooo good. And that’s at the root of all my designs and service – to help you feel a certain way, to create collections that speak to how you want to feel. It’s not about me talking about myself, it’s about us forming connections with each other and sharing our life experiences through the emotions created by the jewellery we wear.

Jewellery design is art, which is about evoking a certain emotion in the observer and the wearer. Jewellery design is about helping you feel the emotions you want to feel and not about me telling you how I feel. It could be that you’ve been experiencing some difficulties and want a little ‘pick me up’, or you’re looking for a sense of calmness in your life. Maybe you have a special relationship you want to commemorate, maybe you want to create a certain professional impression. What’s great is you can find the answers to all of these in the jewellery you buy, if the designer is focussed on what you want and not the emotions they feel the world wants to hear from them.

When service is at the root of what a jeweller does…

…you get a totally different experience. How many times have you walked into a shop and felt you had to conform to the wishes of the owner or the assistant? That they weren’t interested in the nuances of what you wanted? This is never a pleasant shopping experience, is it? What would make it better is if the assistant really listened, made it clear they were there to help you, and was proactive in finding you exactly what you wanted. The difference lies in what the vendor sees as their purpose and relationship with you, the customer – are they there to meet your needs or to get you to buy only what they want to sell you?

Because I’m so passionate about the impact jewellery can have on us, I know how important it is to listen and to help you get exactly what you want from your jewellery. So, when I design and interact with you, it’s always about how I can help YOU. We often feel there’s a difference between selling products and services, when in fact, a product also provides a service, and it’s my job to listen to what service you’re looking for in the jewellery you want to buy.

Focussing on you feels fantastic, doesn’t it?

Do you agree that when the service is focussed on you and your needs, you feel fantastic? Jewellery is a considered purchase to meet certain emotions, and how good do we feel when our emotions have been met? You feel listened to, cared for and ultimately….happy. Realise this is how you should always feel when buying your jewellery and you’ll never settle for less again.

So, I hope I’ve given you some food for thought about what to expect from a jewellery designer, maker…brand. Designing and selling jewellery is a service provided to you, so please make sure you feel the service you’re receiving is focussed on your needs, rather than the ego of the designer.

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