Styling your jewellery with your winter wardrobe couldn’t be easier….

I don’t know about you but I can really feel the temperature starting to drop. It’s my first UK winter in five years (I had been in in Mauritius where it’s now summer there), and It’s taking a bit of getting used to, not least because I still want to wear my gorgeous jewellery. But how do we still manage to do that when we’re bundled up in chunky knits, big coats, scarves and bobble hats? It’s actually not as difficult as you think…..

Wear bigger pieces

It’s fair to say our clothes seem to take over during the winter – everything is bigger and chunkier. Because of this, our jewellery can get lost on us. In the warmer months where we’re not so covered up, we can get away with wearing dainty pieces because they have space and aren’t competing with layers of wool. But in winter, we need to wear bigger and bolder designs if we’re going to make sure our jewellery stands out. Statement gemstone bracelets are perfect for winter styling. Our Oceana collection of gemstone bracelets with a bold handmade silver charm really do hold their own against any layers you need to wear to keep warm.

Wear more colour

If you’re not normally into colourful jewellery, winter is the perfect time to begin experimenting. Like larger pieces, colourful designs hold their own against chunkier clothing. Dainty silver bracelets are great in warmer weather and bare arms, but winter calls for a bolder statement, if our jewellery is to get noticed. Our Heaven and Oceana collections are perfect winter wear.

Wear longer designs

During the summer, dainty necklaces look great with an open neckline, but go completely unnoticed in the winter where we barely take our scarves off or wear higher necked tops. This is the perfect time to experiment with long line necklaces, especially if they have statement pendants on the bottom. Be sure to wear them with plain jumpers as any pattern will drown your lovely statement necklace. Our Goddess pendant is perfect for this time of year.

If you’re used to wearing stud earrings throughout the ear, we can’t see them under your cosy bobble hat, so why not enjoy wearing something a little more adventurous this time of year. You can wear statement earrings, like these beauties in our Goddess collection, or if you prefer a sleeker look, these long line earrings from our Dewdrop collection are also great for peeping out of your bobble hat.

Wear statement rings

Now this is a bit tricky when you’re wearing gloves (plus you can’t see them when your hands are covered), but I highly recommend statement rings for whenever the gloves are off (so to speak). In winter, everything we wear is bigger, fluffier, chunkier, which we need to balance out with bolder, chunkier jewellery. Statement rings are perfect any time of year but even more so in winter. Wear one at a time or a couple on each hand, it all depends on the statement you want to make and how many you feel you need to balance your look. Check out our range of statement rings here for some style inspiration.

It really is as simple as that, so, there’s no excuse to abandon your jewellery style when bundled up in your chunky winter wardrobe, is there? We just need to alter our style a little so that what we wear doesn’t get lost underneath our layers. Just amp up the colour, add a bit more length and introduce some focal pieces, and your jewellery will still be able to command attention and you’ll continue to feel stylish when it’s cold outside.

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