Make sure you can answer these questions before redesigning your jewellery

Redesigning your jewellery is a really exciting process that I’ve had the honour of sharing with hundreds of you. Not only do you get to have something brand new and modern made from pieces that mean a lot to you, or are just sitting in a drawer, but you also get to take part in the creative, design process, making sure the new piece you get is totally ‘you’. But before you take the leap, have you thought of how you’d answer these questions?

At Liri, we always carefully guide you through the redesign process but when you know the answers to these, it’ll make things a lot easier and you’ll get your new piece a lot quicker. 

What kind of new style do you want?

You don’t have to have the exact design worked out before getting in touch with us, after all, it’s our job to come up with a selection of designs you can choose from, but it will make the redesign process a lot swifter and enjoyable if you know what type of style you’d like. Do you like dainty styles or maybe something sleek and elegant? Perhaps you prefer something that makes a bold statement? Take a moment to think what new style you’d like as this will give us a useful steer on what type of design ideas to sketch for you. 

Can the stones and metals you have be used in the type of design you want?

When thinking about what new type of design you’d like, consider whether the materials you have can be used to create that type of design. For example, if you want something bold, do you have big gemstones that can create a statement? If you want a chunky piece, do you have enough gold or silver to use? It’s not impossible to do what you want if you don’t have the right ingredients, as we can always source new gemstones and metal for you, but if you just want to use your materials, keep this in mind.

How many new pieces do you want made from your old jewellery?

When you have a lot of jewellery to redesign it can be tempting to want to use it all in one new show stopping piece. However this isn’t always a good idea. Maybe you have a lot of pieces with different gems, all different cuts and sizes and are thinking ‘the more the merrier’. However if you have a lot of (different) gems, we don’t advise cramming them all into one new design as it can look messy. Either we can use some of your materials to create one new piece or we can see if we can use them all over a few pieces of new jewellery for you, after all we don’t just want to re-use your materials, we also want to make sure you get a fab new design too. 

We’ll never copy another artist’s designs

We welcome you sending any visual aides to help clarify the type of design you’d like but we won’t copy any other artist’s designs.

Are you looking for a piece you can wear every day or just for special occasions? 

It’s important to consider this as we need to ensure your new piece is fit for purpose. For example most, bold statement rings aren’t suitable for the rigours of everyday wear, so we need to make sure the final design fits into your lifestyle. 

So, there you have it, just a few things to consider when thinking about redesigning your jewellery. But as always, we’ll be there to offer expert advice, make suggestions and come up with that fabulous new design that’s going to knock your socks off. Now go and take a look at what you have to use in a brand new design and let’s get chatting about what we can create for you. 


Once you’ve had a think simply get in touch by email: hi@yourliri.com; Whatsapp: 07946 666277, Facebook: @yourliri or Instagram @your_liri. 


Jackie was just one of our happy customers: 


“I am beyond delighted with my beautiful pieces of redesigned jewellery. My jewellery was/is very special to me. I had my engagement ring and wedding band redesigned into a stunning combined piece and some old jewellery I no longer wore into a lovely bangle. The process was very detailed yet fun and enthusiastic. I was included and informed the way through. I found Liri on Facebook and then Instagram, and I am so incredibly pleased I did. I am now thinking of other beautiful, unique pieces I could have made. I’m hooked! Thank you Liri.”

Jackie E. 

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