What are you actually paying for when you get your heirloom jewellery redesigned?

You might be asking yourself ‘How much does it cost to melt down a ring and make a new one’… We’re going to respond to that question in this article.

There’s nothing sadder than seeing beautiful jewellery gathering dust in a drawer, either because it’s old-fashioned, not your style, doesn’t fit or perhaps has a few stones missing. Did you know that precious metal and gemstone jewellery is perfect for redesigning into something more modern? So why not breathe new life into it by asking an experienced jeweller if they can remake it into something you’ll love to wear again? 

Remodelling jewellery is huge right now. It keeps memories of our loved ones alive, it’s making new from old, and is, in fact a pretty darn exciting journey when you find the right jeweller to make it for you. But many people are put off because they feel it can be expensive; after all, you’re supplying the metals and gems, so why can’t the jeweller remake it for a tiny fraction of the cost of a brand new piece you’ve seen online? Unlike buying generic jewellery off the shelf, remodelling your jewellery is an emotional and financial investment that means a lot to you, and we jeweller’s want to get it perfect for you. So, what exactly are you paying us for?


The biggest cost of remodelling your jewellery is the time involved. From liaising with you about the pieces you have, working out your new style, suggesting some design ideas, not to mention the time it takes to dismantle the old jewellery (this can be the trickiest part), melting and milling the gold, and finally remaking the piece, the time involved is huge and can span weeks from start to finish. On average, each project, can take over 15 hours in total. 

The focus is all on what design you want

When remodelling your jewellery, you’re treated as a complete individual. We take time to consider the possibilities for your jewellery, to get to know you so we can suggest style ideas, and then, to supply you with a range of designs for you to choose from. Unlike larger jewellery collections that are created based on the artistic tastes of the jeweller and current style trends, remodelling jewellery is focussed solely on you and what you want, how fantastic is that?

Each project is tailored made to you

The process of transforming the old to the new is totally different from creating jewellery collections where hundreds of pieces can be batch made. Redesigning each piece of heirloom is bespoke to you. We’re starting the process from scratch each time we deal with a new client as each piece of jewellery we receive is different, has to be dismantled according to its unique features and rebuilt into the bespoke piece you want. It really is individual artisan craftsmanship at its peak, which is what’s so special about the process. You know your jewellery has been treated like the individual piece it is and is handled with love and care from start to finish.

It’s an investment

When you commission a bespoke jewellery redesign, especially when made from family treasures, it’s totally different from buying a piece from a bigger jewellery collection that anyone can buy – it’s an investment. You’re doing it because the jewellery has sentimental value for you, it belonged to someone you loved and you want to keep them close to you. You’re paying to keep family history alive in a unique design you’ll love to wear again. And what’s even better, is that when you pass it to your children, they can also have it redesigned to suit their style. It’s the perfect way of keeping family history alive for generations, changing with tastes and styles, but always preserving its soul.  

Imagine wearing a totally modern design that you can say has been remodelled from something your gran once wore in the 40s? What had that jewellery seen and what is it going to continue to see now that you’ve decided to invest in keeping it alive?

So, what’s the next step?

So, what jewellery do you have lying around that you’d never wear but means so much? If you’ve been pondering it for a while or you’ve only just thought about it, we’d love to hear from you to see what we can create for you. We know it can be a big step to remodelling your jewellery, which is why we want you to feel totally comfortable with working with us. Therefore it’s totally FREE to get in touch and have a consultation with us where we bounce around ideas. We’ll even send you some designs free of charge so you can decide if you want to go ahead. 

All you need to do is get in touch via Whatsapp with pictures of the pieces you’d love to have redesigned and an idea of the new style you’d like made. Simply send to 07946 666277 or feel free to call. If you’d love to see more of our redesign work and how the process works, please visit www.yourliri.com/jewellery-redesign/. Any questions, please feel free to ask ☺

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