New year, new you…with a difference

So, 2021 has finally arrived. Not sure about you, but it seems we’ve been waiting for 2020 to end for ages, doesn’t it? Well it’s finally gone and, though it may seem difficult right now, it’s time to look forward, and do it positively. I firmly believe that despite whatever’s happening around us, we have a choice to decide how we react and how we shape our lives, even during a pandemic. And believe it or not, but the jewellery we wear plays a role in that. You may be thinking ‘Natalie, what’s the point in wearing jewellery, I can’t go out to socialise, what’s the point in making an effort?’ OK, we can’t socialise, but making an effort with our style whatever our situation affects our mood, which affects our outlook, our actions and ultimately our life. Think about how you feel when you get a new hair cut – fabulous, right? Well, the same goes for jewellery, and we can still choose jewellery that fits into our ‘not so social’ lifestyle, and which still makes us feel positive, energetic and fabulous. After all how we treat ourselves tells us what we think of ourselves, and don’t we always deserve to feel the best we can?

Working from home

Working from home has become the norm for many of us during 2020 and we’re finding we’re starting 2021 doing the same. Whatever your line of work, take it from me when I say it’s important to dress in a way that puts yourself in a positive and productive mindset. We may see funnies on the internet of people working in their pyjamas, but there’s no faster route to feeling lethargic, tired, helpless and even depressed than working like this. Put on a nice outfit, wash your hair, apply your make up, and choose some nice jewellery, and watch your mood lift. 

Dress to impress yourself with understated earrings with a modern twist. These concave circle stud and drop earrings not only make you feel professional, but the modern design will also make you feel styled sitting at your laptop in your kitchen or living room.

If you love to feel coordinated, you can pair the earrings with our concave circle pendant necklace.

Zoom – meetings or even a job interview

Like me, you’d probably only vaguely heard of Zoom before 2020, but now it seems to be central to every office home worker. The thing about zoom meetings is they force you to make an effort with your appearance, after all, you may need to speak to colleagues, clients or even attend a job interview. And believe me, people are taking notice of your appearance on the screen, just as much as they would do if you were meeting in person. I wrote a blog on how jewellery shapes others’ perception of you here, if you’d like to learn more. So, how do we wear jewellery to look professional in a zoom meeting?

As always, it depends on the purpose of the meeting, who you’re speaking to, but also, how many people are in the meeting, and how small or large your image appears on the screen. In any of these situations, appear professional but don’t suppress your personality. Choose polished pieces that give a professional appearance but that’s still you. Normally you can only see your head and neck in a zoom meeting, so focus on your earrings and necklace. You can still wear large earrings, but to avoid overkill and maintain your professionalism, leave out the necklace. The same goes for the necklace – if you’re wearing a statement piece, drop the earrings; only wear both, if they’re daintier pieces. Some statement pieces to wear on their own are the earrings from our Goddess Collection (also great if you’re part of a sea of faces and you want to stand out), our boho Creole hoop earrings and etched hoop earrings. If you prefer a statement necklace, why not try our sleek wave necklace.

If you like daintier pieces, you can wear both earrings and a necklace. Our four special bundles give you that perfectly coordinated look.


If your children’s schools are closed, you probably have to do your fair share of childcare and home schooling. If you’re also working, jewellery is probably the last thing on your mind. But as I said at the start, it’s making the effort to dress for a purpose that will change your mindset and help you feel more positive and productive. Practicality and convenience are the names of the game here. Keep jewellery simple, practical, but still so very stylish. You can still wear rings, but keep them practical. Our Delicat range has plenty of practical but funky designs that won’t get in the way. Understated earrings are also something you can wear and forget, but still look great. Our sleek bar stud earrings are perfect for keeping cool but practical. 


Walking outdoors

With there being so many things we can’t do, I’m finding so much pleasure in walking in nature, are you? Whether on your own to clear your head and get some exercise, or with family to give the kids a treat, we need to dress for the outdoors but not forget our style. It’s freezing here in Wales right now, so you’re probably bundled up in scarves, gloves and woolly hats and wondering what jewellery you can possibly wear that can make a difference to how you look. Well this is the perfect time to wear your statement earrings. Not only do they stand out under a bobble hat, but there’s no need to consider practicality – you’re just walking and they just need to make you look good. Any of the statement earrings above will work, along with the sleek design from our Dewdrop collection

Make the effort – you’ll feel so much better

Life is uncertain and restricted right now and it can be tempting to give in to the negativity and feel ‘why bother?’. But trust me, it’s the little things we do to keep a sense of routine, normality and to give us a little ‘pick me up’ that will affect us positively and carry us through. As I always say, jewellery has the power to completely transform the way we feel, so please don’t forget the little things right now as it’s small habits daily that can lead to huge changes eventually. 


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