Always carry them with you – jewellery to cherish your loved ones

2020 has been a strange year hasn’t it? With so many restrictions put on our lives and on who we can and can’t see, it’s really hit home that we need to cherish the importance of the moments we have with our families, friends and loved ones. Whether you’ve now been reunited with your loved ones, or whether you still aren’t able to be with them, jewellery can be the perfect way for you to keep them with you and to show them how much they mean to you. So let’s take a look at how we can remember them and show them we care, with the jewellery we decide to wear.

Unbreakable bonds

Our bonds have been tested this year but those we hold dear won’t be broken. The circle is the perfect symbol of a never-ending unbreakable bond and our ‘Eterno’ collection was created to help you celebrate each of your important relationships. The elegance and simplicity of the textured circle designs make it the perfect jewellery collection to suit all tastes, meaning you can buy knowing they’ll truly appreciate your gift and the meaning behind it.

All of your initials

We’ve been wearing initial jewellery for a long time to keep that special someone close to us – on a ring, necklace and bracelet. Sometimes we want to celebrate the connections we have with more than one person, and a necklace with the initials of all we hold dear mixes both style and sentiment perfectly. Maybe you want to keep all your family members close, or your girlfriends you’ve known forever. Maybe you want to give those you love their own initial pendant, any relationship can be celebrated and designed how you want, you just need to ask.

Birthstone Jewellery

Wearing a piece of jewellery with a birthstone is also stylish and a beautiful sentiment. Why not wear the birthstones of all those dear to you in one piece, to create a gorgeously colourful design completely unique to you? This was a very special engagement ring I designed with the couple’s birthstones along with an extra gem for the perfect sparkler.

Charms with meaning

We’ve loved charm jewellery for decades, especially bracelets. Charms have become even more individualised and more of a statement thanks to companies such as Pandora, who seem to have a charm for everything, don’t they? If you want something a bit more classical but completely unique to you, why not celebrate the strength of your love in style with a handmade heart, angel wing, star or moon charm? And why not wear them as earrings or even rings?

Commission your own unique commemorative design 

Of course, we don’t have to stick to one style of jewellery to celebrate our loved ones. Why not commission your own, unique commemorative design? When you order from a jewellery brand such as Liri, you have the freedom to choose how you want your piece of commemorative jewellery to look like. Maybe you want to match an initial charm with a birthstone? Have one necklace with a charm representing each member of your family? Or maybe a set of pieces where each person in your family receives the same design but with an element that’s unique to them? The possibilities are endless and I look forward to working with you on tour special piece. 

The choice is yours…

So, who do you want to celebrate and how? Now that you have some ideas of what’s possible, why not get in touch so we can design you that piece that matches your sentiments and represents your loved ones perfectly. 

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