Would you like to feel like this when wearing your jewellery?

Can you feel the change in the air? I love this time of year as you can almost smell the world waking up. Doesn’t it make you feel energised, like you want to spring out of bed and get things done? It’s why I always choose this time of year to bring you new collections and designs, which I launched this year on our lovely St David’s Day, 1 March. 

This year’s launch was slightly different from previous years – I’m back in my home country of Wales and have been inspired by different things from when I lived on the tropical island of Mauritius. And as a result, I’ve created different styles of jewellery for you. But, how I want you to feel wearing my designs has stayed exactly the same – to feel perfectly at one with yourself, serene, confident, and that you can take on the world. It’s been a tough year and jewellery really can help put that much needed spring back in our step. So let’s look at some of the pieces you can choose from to rev you up this spring.

To feel excited about the future – the Frost collection

This year was my first Welsh winter in 5 years and I was like a kid in wonderland – we even had snow! What I loved seeing was the stunning patterns left by frost in the mornings, the twinkle as it caught the sun, and the freshness it created in the air. I’d feel a sense of positivity, hope and excitement for what the day would bring. Although nature inspires me, I want you to feel elegant in my jewellery, so I took the inspiration of the frost and created probably my sleekest collection yet. Beautifully contrasting textured jewellery, where a frosted and highly polished texture are combined in one piece. I’m mesmerised by these pieces because they’re the epitome of understated elegance, but still totally inspired by the natural world. Their sleekness is what makes them truly eye-catching designs. Perfect for pairing with professional day wear or sleek evening attire. 

To feel both exhilarated and serene – the Eryri Collection

How many of you have visited Snowdonia in North Wales? If you have, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say it’s the most breath taking place in the whole of Wales. If you’ve ever climbed Cader Idris or Snowdon and just gazed out across the miles of rugged, majestic mountain ranges, you’ll know that it’s a totally overwhelming experience. There’s just something about it that grabs the depths of your soul and won’t let go. And it’s this view and experience that inspired my Eryri (Snowdonia in Welsh) collection. Each piece is a hand carved sumptuous piece of silver that reflects the stunning scenery of North Wales. You’ll be so mesmerised that you’ll be overcome with a stunning sense of calm and tranquillity – pure bliss. Wear each piece day or evening, just make sure they’re the centre of attention.

 Photo credit: www.budgetyourtrip.com

To bring out your inner warrior goddess – the Gwenllian collection

Have you felt as if your fighting spirit has been dampened this past year? It’s been a toughie and at times, I’m sure you felt flat and lacking in ‘oomph’. This collection has been inspired by the Welsh warrior princess, Gwenllian, to help resurrect your inner fighting spirit. Each piece is a sleek horn design – a symbol of bravery and courage in battle, which has been hand tapered to create a truly elegant design. A regal Tanzanite gemstone sits at the top of each piece, giving them a slight air of mystery – you can only see the gem when you move your hand, neck or wrist. It really is a luxurious range fit for warrior goddesses everywhere. 

To reignite your inner passions – the Flame collection

Similar to the Gwenllian collection, I was inspired to create the Flame collection to help reignite your passions and desires, after a rather depressing year. Each piece has a sleek and tapered silver flame outline with a white hot White Topaz gemstone at the base of each flame. We’ve all got desires, wants and passions and it’s important we let them out, don’t you think? 

To celebrate your feminine energy – the Lunar Collection

I love to celebrate everything about us women and this collection is all about rejoicing feminine energies. The moon is a symbol of the feminine and we need to celebrate what makes us female. So much in society wants to down play the importance of the feminine, preferring masculine traits, and as a result we can become completely unbalanced in our approach to life. This collection of highly polished concave circles will help reinforce that to be feminine is to enjoy being creative, to move with the flow of life and to be attuned to our inner processes – how lovely does that sound? I’ve let my feminine side come out a lot more this past year, and boy, do I feel sooo much better. 

To simply have fun in life – the Delicat collection

Hands up who needs to have a bit of fun? To laugh, play and generally feel totally carefree now we’re heading for warmer, lighter days? One of the best ways to inject fun into our lives is to wear colour, which is why I’ve added more and bigger gems to the Delicat collection of stacking rings. You get to decide how much colour you want – from a dainty 3mm twinkling stone to a mighty 10mm ‘in your face’ lapis lazuli cabochon. As always, you get to choose how you want to stack your rings, which is why this collection is the ultimate in playful style. Don’t like your stack this way? No problem – just switch them around and you’ve got a new look.

So there you have it – jewellery isn’t just about looking pretty, it’s about making sure you feel how you want to so you can express yourself freely and feel totally at ease with who you are, and that your wants and desires are met. And yes, jewellery really can do this, just like a new outfit or hairstyle. This is what I love about handcrafted jewellery made with you in mind, there’s so much more that goes into the making of that piece – inspiration, love and patience, so you get to wear something that’s truly ‘you’. 

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